Layering problems...please help!

so I am using the background INT. SCHOOL OFFICE OL - DAY

I need my characters to be in front of the desk but no matter what layer I put them at they are always behind it

I’ve used the app to make sure it wasn’t just the browser but it’s still the same



I believe that when the overlay is built into the background you can’t layer your characters in front. You would need to switch to the other background that doesn’t have the overlay

@amberose you can! :grin:

INT. SCHOOL OFFICE OL - DAY with INT. SCHOOL OFFICE OL - DAY in zone 1 at layer 2
&CHARACTER1 stands screen center in zone 1 at layer 3
&CHARACTER2 stands screen right in zone 1 at layer 4

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Well there you go

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thank you!

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