Layers are confusing

So it seems like one minute, layer 0 is behind layer 1 and other times, layer 1 is behind layer 0

Am I the only one this happens to? What is the behind layer for you guys?

If youre switching which layer character are on then you need to change both
Lets say…

@CHARACTER1 moves to layer 0 and CHARACTER2 moves to layer 1

That would make character1 behind character2
And then to switch them youd do

@CHARACTER1 moves to layer 1 and CHARACTER2 moves to layer 0

Dont just switch 1 of them.

I hope that helps!

But say if I did a scene at the beach, characters in layer 0 are behind everyone else, then I do a scene at a party (this is hypothetical) then those in layer 0 are suddenly in front of everyone else. It’s confusing me?

did you put them in layer 0 and everyone else in layers above?

yeah that happens to me too. i usually just increase the difference between the layers. so instead of layer 0 and layer 1, i do layer 0 and layer 5. does that make sense?
i hope this helps you!


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I noticed that layer 0 is glitchy and often is not working, just avoid use in it :slight_smile:

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