Layers don't work

Hey guys!
I have a “small” problem with my layers.

This is my script:
&BARTENDER spot 1.352 160 0 AND BARTENDER is tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear AND BARTENDER faces left
&BARTENDER moves to layer 1
&overlay BAR create
&overlay BAR opacity 1
&overlay BAR to layer 2

&LUNA moves to layer 3
@LUNA enters from left to upscreen left AND LUNA faces right*

The problem is that no matter how often I write “@LUNA moves to layer 3” it won’t work. Any help or suggestions to solve the problem?

@LUNA enters from left to upscreen left
&LUNA moves to layer 3
@LUNA faces right

Can try this ^^

But note that:

However, sometimes regular positions don’t work when it comes to layering a character so you’ll need to use spot directing. Upscreen left is spot 1.280 100 0 (Tip: Conversion between Main Positions to Spots) so first place her offscreen left and whatever the middle number is, change. So:
@LUNA spot 1.280 X 0 in zone 1 at layer 3 AND LUNA faces left
@LUNA walks to spot 1.280 100 0 in S AND LUNA does it while walk_animation THEN LUNA faces right (can add more to this)

P.S the X would be the middle number, which is the horizontal direction (left to right or right to left that the character walks) you’d only change that and leave the third number (y) which is up to down or down to up and you’d leave the % (the first number, which is the height of the character)


@LUNA spot 1.280 100 0
% = 1.280
X = 100
Y = 0

Check out this: JemU776's Help Thread (I have a post in this thread that explains a bit about spot directing)

Thank you so much! It helped perfectly, you’re the best. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

No problem, happy to help :+1:

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