Layers (Ink) Please check these help desperate! XD

Hi guys I’m having trouble with height for my male character can anyone help?

In order to change the heights of your characters, you will need to spot direct them. Below is a great guide made by @RudeInception.

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As for layers, the bigger the number, the further forward (towards the reader) the character is. So at character at 3 is layered over a character at 1.

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Thank you but when I do this there is NO error message but my characters height stays the same ? I put @DAMON spot 1.341 50 0 in zone 1 at layer 2

Can you post that piece/scene of script? It may be something else in the script messing with it. It could be also just be a glitch.

Is there a command for moving layers ? Perhaps that will be more beneficial than the command that I am using at the moment ? :thinking:

@CHARACTER moves to layer 2

or you can use the &.

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Okay tysm :smiley: This was indeed helpful