Layers not working :blob_hearts:

@KEISHA changes into KEISHA_race
@CRYSTAL changes into CRYSTAL_race
@YOU changes into YOU_race
&DAISY spot 0.884 -24 291 in zone 1 and DAISY faces left and DAISY starts idle_lay_awake_neutral_loop and DAISY moves to layer 1
&HENRY spot 0.831 1 280 in zone 1 and HENRY faces left and HENRY starts idle_lay_awake_neutral_loop and HENRY moves to layer 1
&LAURIE spot 0.884 351 315 in zone 3 and LAURIE faces right and LAURIE starts idle_lay_awake_neutral_loop and LAURIE moves to layer 1
&RYAN spot 0.884 332 277 in zone 3 and RYAN faces right and RYAN starts idle_lay_awake_neutral_loop and RYAN moves to layer 1
&HARRISON spot 0.857 151 213 in zone 1 and HARRISON faces left and HARRISON moves to layer 2
&CRYSTAL stands screen right in zone 1 and CRYSTAL faces left and CRYSTAL moves to layer 2
&YOU spot 0.840 55 215 in zone 1 and YOU faces right and YOU is react_mortified and YOU moves to layer 2
&zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
&cut to zone 1
@transition fade in white 2
@pause for 1
&CRYSTAL walks to back far right in zone 1 and CRYSTAL faces left then CRYSTAL starts react_startled_surprised

Everything works except Crystals


So you want Crystal to be in front of You?

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Crystal should be in front of Henry and Daisy

Possibly because you dony have her at a spot. Instead of using screen left or whatever, put in her actual spot and maybe it will work…?

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Or maybe change the & to @ since it’s before the transitions.

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Thank you it worked
@molly247 thank you for the help


You can also use layers in a different way. If you say @YOU spot 1.280 10 10 in zone 1 at layer 2

But this only works if you are placing a character, not if you are having them walk.

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thank you

Marked as solved and closed :lock: