Lazy covers discussion

I do not like coveres that are just episode adverts screen shots. Its lazy how hard is it to make a cover? Anyone with me? Comment your thoughts.

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you mean the default covers right?. agree many people offer to do covers. its mostly the edited ones but an edited is still better than the default

I think that as long as not hurtful someone can even put a picture of his leg and I wouldn’t care, It’s their story and they can do whatever they want.

I understand exactly what you’re saying, but what if no one’s willing to help them?

how do you like my story cover

Um…for people who are not artistically inclined or good at photoshop, it’s pretty hard. Also, not everybody has the funds to hire an artist, so unless you’re willing to help people buy cover art or are lending your services for free, it doesn’t seem particularly fair to assume they’re being lazy.


Episode recently removed all covers that didn’t meet their new guidelines (e.g., had guns, children, people on beds, or were deemed too sexy) and replaced them with Episodes generic covers. So, all of a sudden majority of authors (thousands of authors and many, many thousands of stories) had to spend time making new covers, paying to have new covers done, or waiting in line for someone to do new covers for them. So, yes there are lots of generic covers right now but in many cases it’s not the authors faults - they used to have covers but now they don’t.

I’m sure you’ll see more covers and stories coming up in the app as Episode approves them (stories were also pulled from the trending sections and genre sections and a will be added one at a time after Episode has reviewed them and approved their content if not approved then authors must make all changes they request or their story will be pulled from the app).

Authors have been hit pretty hard lately and we need to hear support from the readers to help encourage us to continue writing, especially when we are being told to redo covers and art scenes and review and rewrite our stories. :slightly_smiling_face:


To make one that doesn’t look like sh*t? Pretty damn hard. There’s a lot that goes into one even if it’s not the best, I make covers and more here and it takes a lot of practise to make a descent looking art piece. I personally think a cover is the first impression, when I’m scrolling I want something to pop out at me.