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HMU with recmmendations for LDR entries! Self promo is allowed. I’ll read every chapter once the deadline is up so you get reads :)) The catch? Say something you love about yourself in your comment, you beautiful people, or I won’t read.


You are too pure! Mine will be titled LDR: Someone Else’s Hero.

And this is hard! But something that I love about myself is my curly hair, it reminds me of my grandma :two_hearts:


Mine is LDR: Good at Lying

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Mine is LDR: I Still love you.
I love my height. I’m tall and I love it.

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Thanks for doing this! My story will be LDR: Killer Love.

I like my eyelashes. They’re long, naturally curled, and pretty evenly split without doing anything to it.


you forgot one thing…

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Hey hun :slight_smile: thank you for doing this!

Mine is: LDR: Rather be
You’re a girl from London and you meet the mysterious NYCityboy in a 90‘s chatroom. After some months of messaging you decide to visit your family in New York, a perfect chance to meet your crush. What secrets is he hiding and will you fall in love with your online crush ? Full CC, Artscenes, LL

Uhh and I totally forgot :sweat_smile:
What I love the most about me is, that I’m always positive and that I always see the good. I don’t care about hate and I love spreading love :slight_smile:


thank you so much for doing this! :two_hearts:

LDR: Love Beyond Infinity by Saol

i think the thing i love most about myself [ this is real hard yikes haha ] is probably my hair. it is my way to express myself and even though i have dyed it plenty of times it still looks healthy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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thanks for this thread :))

mine will be called LDR: London Love?

My favorite thing about myself would be my calmness I guess lol. I dont get mad easily and im pretty chill

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LDR: Different Planets <3

One thing I like about myself is my hair i guess, i’ve always been emotionally attached to my hair :sob:

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missing something bae…

sorry totally overread this hihi


read the prompt again :))

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LDR: The Realms Between

What I love about myself is my eyes.

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Wow, my heart is warm cuz this is so wholesome lol :relaxed: I like my dimples and my sense of humor.

And my story is going to be called LDR: Too Much Space

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I’m excited!

Hey! I just published 1-3 chapters today!

LDR: Loving a DJ by @marcia.writes

Mila’s wishes come true when she meets her perfect match. But will their relationship survive the fact that Jacob is a world famous DJ, living across the ocean? (full CC, choices)

Full MC & LI CC, choices, 2LI :heart:



I appreciate every read :heart: Have a nice day, guys!

P.S.: As for the self love comment, I love that I’m getting better and better with writing and directing as I’m enjoying so much while writing my two stories. :heart:

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Thanks this is so kind, Its my first ever story so feared Id get 0 reads lol
I’m like the fact I’m resilient and have overcome lots of obstacles disability has thrown my way
My story will be called LDR: Love Breaks Boundaries