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LDR: Closer Than The Stars
Genre: romance, comedy
Story description He is sinfully gorgeous, exciting and genuinely cares about you. So what’s the problem? Just the 3800 miles that separates you from him. But does distance matter when love is true?

Thank you for doing this!

Our story is called: LDR: When The Sun Sleeps.

What I love about myself is hard! What a challenge haha Uhm, that I always try to find something positive into something negative. :heart:

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Title - LDR: Stars on land
Story description - Your LDR boyfriend suddenly disappeared. Its like he never existed. But you met him in an unexpected situation. With that you started liking a man you never liked.
instg : @sia_the9

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: LDR: Stars on land

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What I love about myself is that I don’t give up easily whether it’s the career that I want or anything I just have a habit of keep trying . :grin:

Title- LDR: Pen & Paper
Author: Me (Instagram @epy_minie)
Description: Love letters, secrets, and lies unfold when Theodora finds out she has been put into an arranged marriage. Will she find her true love or will she continue with the marriage? (CC)

Share link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5095201400619008

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Just dropping my entry (I’ll release it in few hours :hugs:).
LDR: Lucid Dream
Description : When it comes to marriage, we expect a wishful fairy tale, but what can you do when a binary-ruled world gets in the way of your “happy-ever-after”?
CC, LL, F/M MC/LI, two endings, Romance, Sci-Fi
IG: @ath.lin

Hmm, that’s a tricky task! I like my sense of humor :thinking: .

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Since it’s the deadline day, I’m here trying all the chances I could get to introduce my LDR Entry. ;;

I’m EpisodeAnon27! I previously made my first story, Trap In Between and was luckily qualified for the Trending Community Comedy List. Now I am trying to give my best for the first contest I’d be joining in the Episode Community and I am already glad for the time you’d be giving me in reading this post of mine. My LDR Entry is entitled as LDR: To The Stars and the details are here below.

Title: LDR: To The Stars
Story Written & Art By: EpisodeAnon27
Description: When you and your future fiancée /fiance are separated by death, what happens when a phone leads you to clues about your fated woman/ man despite you being emotionally detached? Male & Female MC/ Full Customization/ Limelight
Chapters: 3 Episodes (Following Episodes will be updated after the contest entry)
Genre: Romance, Mystery, Comedy, Drama
Style: Limelight
Instagram: episodeanon27
Story Link: LDR: To The Stars
Story Cover:

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I guess… I love myself when I can see myself feeling happy for the stories I write and I illustrate on my own. XD

LDR Interdimensional love
By @Jazzimay25

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Believing you have everything you could ever want, what happens when magic becomes reality and you discover you are destined for another dimension… and its king?

Hi! Thank you for doing this! Well, I love how I never give up no matter how hard things get :slight_smile:

Here’s mine:

Title : LDR : Someday
Link : http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4935830475571200

Mine is LDR: Pen Pals!


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I am the most helpful person ever because I am always there for the ones I care about! :two_hearts:

LDR To hear your heartbeat By Melody Lina

Story Description: You’re all about work and when they offer you your dream job will you be able to keep up with your LDR from LA to London, or will you fall into another man’s arm? LC,2 LI, & Art.

Story Cover:

Story Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5810140113207296

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/melodylinastories/

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LDR: An Office Away
"A short lived romance results in major consequences. When they’re forced to break up and transfered across the country from one another, will their love survive?“
@tessierae.episode on insta

And one thing I love about myself is my hair, it grows super fast and I love doing dramatic haircuts for fun haha!

LDR: Stranger Love
Genre: Romance
Sub Genre: Fantasy
Description: You have a huge crush on popular Rockstar Ciro Banchi who has a secret Identity in Mafia. Lovers in dreams and strangers in real life, can it really work out?!
LI: 2-male/female
Instagram: @epy.nine9
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6476395014979584

LDR Stranger love

LDR: Too Much Space

Cover by @Aykay
Description: After an invasion from your rival planet, you can’t help but to fall for one of their armies’ commanders. What’s to happen when your government finds out about your long-distance space affair?
Genre: Romance/Sci-Fi
(CC, mini-games, 1 Male LI (after the contest probably one more LI)


The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: LDR: Too Much Space

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ig: @episodenaddy

Hello ,

My name is Theo and I’m a new author on Episode platform. I’ve decided to enter LDR contest with my very first story, which is called “ Intertwined ”.

The story revolves around two strangers, who had to return to their origins during unprecedented times. A twist of fate made them cross paths , despite the odds that seemed to be against it.

The plot depicts the struggles and the perks of a long distance relationship , while navigating a full-blown pandemic .

This is a once-in-a-lifetime-experience.

Will they get accustomed to it? Will their connection be strong enough to overcome every obstacle? Will love support them along this peculiar journey?



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Story Name: LDR: The Man on the Moon
Genre: romance, adventure and fantasy
Author: lidezutt
Story Description: The man on the moon is madly in love with the big star in the sky. He is determined to find his sunshine, but he’s longing for his beloved sunshine does not go unnoticed and so he makes a deal with the wrong guy. Will he ever find his sunshine before it’s too late?
My cover:

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5241780703002624
Instagram Handle: lidezutt.episode
Episodes: 3
Style: limelight