LDR cover artist

hey ~

i am looking for someone who has their requests open/soon open to request for my ldr entry (the contest obviously has got a couple of weeks left, so no rush!!).

unfortunately, i do not have the money right now to pay for it, due to me having no job because of the virus. so, if anyone knows someone or if you are that person who is willing to make my cover art it would be highly appreciated. obviously credit will be given!! i would prefer for it to be drawn, but i would love to give everyone the opportunity to share their talent in this thread.

under this you can see my cover art idea that i would like for my ldr story.

my mc looks like this:

and i would love for the cover art to look like she is ‘hugging’ her phone like this:

however, i do NOT want her to smile but have an ‘empty’ expression like this:

and then to bring in another aspect of the story, i would love for some different looking planets floating around her like this: image

so, if you know an artist and/or shop that has their requests open please let me know.

thank you all.

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:maple_leaf: toronto man’s art shop :maple_leaf: {OPEN FOR BUSINESS}

there really good!!!^^


i will take a look at their shop, thank you!

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anytime :heartbeat:

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Thank you for the refer that’s extremely kind of you :heart:

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no problem :yellow_heart:!

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