LDR reading list (drop your entries!)

Hi everyone! Recently, I participated in the reveal contest. So I know how important support is for all participants and I decided to create a list for the LDR contest :white_heart:
Drop your stories in my ig and I will read your story😊 (If you aren’t on Instagram, then drop your entry here)
Good luck to everyone :white_heart:


List of entries:

LDR: I Still Love You by @thegoldendebbie
LDR: Love Beyond Infinity by @saol
LDR: Star Crossed by @RavenWrites
LDR: Two Voices and One Soul by @faithly.episode
LDR: Other Side of the Screen by @viarose
LDR: Killer Love by @baechulgi
LDR: Showstopper by @clearly_not_a_alien
LDR: Loving a DJ by @Marcia_94
LDR: Closer Than The Stars by @LanaRose
LDR: Stars on land by @SIA121
LDR: Stranger Love by @episode.lillz
LDR: To The Stars by @EpisodeAnon27
LDR: Flying back to you by @starstar
LDR: Digital Love by @Lunastories22


What’s ur insta id ?


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Hi! Are you reading only revealing contests story? @Ksu

LDR contest!
But I also do r4r.

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Would you like to do r4r with me?

With condition of sending atleast one screen shot from each chapter I’ll do the same.

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Yes. Let’s do it on Instagram!
My ig: @epi.ksu

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Hey) Drop your LDR entry and author name in my ig or here!

I’m so sorry to have to ask, but what does LDR mean?
I’m new to forums and is trying to boost up my reads for my new story.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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My story is LDR: I Still Love You by deby_writes

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Yeah same don’t know what LDR means

It’s the new contest.

@rachaelgrace @beefygirl

Yeah the new contest is LDR

Long Distance Relationship I think.
It has to be a story centered around that :))

Thank you! I added to my list.
Good luck :heartpulse:

LDR: Love Beyond Infinity

ig: @saol.epi

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Thank you. Added.
Good luck :hugs:

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thank you!

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LDR is the story writing contest Episode is holding, LDR means ‘Long Distance Relationship’. People have until the 20th of November to submit the first 3 chapters of their LDR story. You can find more out about it on this thread :))

i’ll add mine once it’s finished :))

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LDR: Star Crossed (Insta: @raven.writes.episode)