LDR: Test my Zipper

Hi! I just want to promote this story I just published with @_episodepenelope for the LDR contest!

Here’s the description: Your Ex cheated AGAIN! What happens when you talk to an Episode Character Account who actually has a guy running it?


Wait, were they dating at the time? Then broke up after he cheated again? Becuase it says your EX cheated? Implying that he may not have been with the MC at that point?

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I’m going to give this a huge recommendation! I read the first few episodes, and they are well-directed, fast-paced, and funny. Wow! You two clearly have a talent for writing. I’ll leave a fan mail. (:

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Also the cover is SO GOOD!

The MC had a boyfriend, she took him back and he cheated on her again. So she’s taking a break and focusing on herself and then she meets the LI

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OMG THANK YOU!! It means a lot

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