Leah's Art Request Thread {Moved To Another Thread}

No this is great thanks so much!

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On the form for signing up for the group the age is mentioned. Anyone under the age of thirteen and mentions it has to be suspended or banned because they are not of age.

I’m pretty sure it says 9+

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For episode no. Episode is 13+ if you go on how old are you there are people who say their age and its 12 and they are either banned or suspended


@jessy.writes your request is ready please tell me if you want anything changed.

Your artist: Me
Credit: amj.episode

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Is my request a bit difficult because you can always do it like you want.

Thank you, I love it :heartbeat:

We’ll see how it goes.

Your welcome

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Ok if you find irt a bit difficult tell me there’s no problem

Can you resubmit your request, just make another request the same exact one as it was before. Because your request isn’t showing up for some reason. Edit: If you haven’t, nevermind it’s working now

@NalaEpisode your request is ready, tell me if you want anything changed. (I had this idea that I think would look cool, if you send me one of the characters in a sitting animation I could make one of the characters sit in a chair.)

Click here to see your request

Thank you sm!

Your welcome :slight_smile:


Read Please

This thread is closing. but it is moving to another thread. I am combining my thread with another so I can get art done faster. If you have requested already I am not canceling your request. Please do not request here anymore, in fact I’m going to ask for it to be closed. I will make an edit with the link to the new art thread.

New thread:

@Sydney_H could you please close this thread

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: