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So, yesterday I was scrolling through YouTube’s recommendations and I found a trailer of a movie that had the same name and the same concept of my story.
I then decided to share everything that I planned for my alien species, so, if something like that happen again, I’ll have the proof that I came up with the idea first :woman_shrugging:t2:

Gliese is the name of the planet, Gliesek is the name of the language/species :alien:

You’re more than welcome to use this but:

  1. Credit me (I spent a lot of time planning this, so please, credit if you use this :pray:)
  2. Don’t use these backgrounds. I spent too many time doing them and they’re meant for my story so please, don’t use them.

The evolution part is further explained in the “History” section.


I create the vocabulary as I need it, so this is mostly grammar. It’s the latin alphabet because Episode doesn’t accept other letters.
Also, their language is heavily inspired by their culture/history but you can use it independently.


I forgot to write their traditions as well, I’ll do it later this week, let me know if you need it.


I still didn’t make the backgrounds for it, so if you’re interested, you’ll need to read this all :sweat_smile:
(Also, for my story it’s really important their war, that’s why it’s so highlighted)


The Gliese’s population (also known as Gliesek) evolved from an ancient species called Dexya. These were tall beings, covered in a thick coat of fur that helped them stay warm in the glacial side and protect themselves from the radiation in the warm side. They were quadrupedal with very long forelimbs. Their diet was mostly omnivore and, contrarily to humans, Dexyak and Gliesek are capable of transforming vegetables into glucose. Dexyak went fully extinct after a massive radiation storm caused by their sun Jikada (a not-so-active red dwarf).

The radioactive age

The Massive radioactive storm wiped out all the Dexuak on the surface but a smaller and more nimble race hid and managed to survive in underground caves.
This is the start of the Radioactive Age, and also the first mass epidemic of the planet. To survive, Gliesek split into two tribes: Delfsk and Kalbak, the first were from the colder part of the planet and the second from the warmer. The harsh habitat of both sides of the planet, influenced by an extreme wind force, made Gliesek bigger and stronger and forced them to become for the first time a fully functioning society.

The introduction of schools and money

After the first radioactive storm and the unlikely survival of the specie, Gliesek slowly begun venturing outside of the caves and started forming small villages. Neither tribe knew about the other as their bodies evolved according to their living condition. The more advanced tribe was Kalbak, they started educating their younglings much earlier than others. They were highly advanced in math and philosophy and their curiosity pushed them to question the mysteries of the other part of the planet. Kalbak were dark skinned with small, almond shaped eyes. They often wore dresses and had long, braided hair. They created the first calendar, counting a full planet rotation (of 56 Earth days) starting from the summer solstice. The beginning of their calendar is counted as year 0 as it’s the first written testimony of their existence. On the other side Delfsk were less advanced. Still relying on hunting and without a real education, they concentrated more on the practicality of their lifestyle. Their tribe banished the unworthy by putting them in cages and making them fight for their life. They were forced to learn how to hunt and survive, the ones who didn’t, died. They were, however, the first to introduce trade in the form of a currency. This currency took the form of silver and it was used to buy food or clothes. They, however, weren’t used to buy properties or jewelry as they were given directly from the King of the tribe (known as Zhaxwa) to symbolize respect and prosperity. Delfsk were pale skinned with white hair and big eyes. They were taller and stronger than Kalbak, they used to wear long baggy pants and high, silver boots to be able to move freely.

The Warm War

After decades of extreme peace, the planet Gliese warmed up due to an unexpected star storm. The climate didn’t affect the Delfsk but it was another story for the Kalbak. The extreme drought of these years forced the tribe to move closer to the center, causing a retrogression in their society. As part of the Kalbak refused to move away from their wealthy cities, they accused the other Kalbak to be traitors (or Melk) and they attacked them. Here the first war occurred in between the same tribe. In the meanwhile Delfsk discovered science and more importantly the laws of physics and started to apply them to make their life easier. Innovative ways to cultivate were born as the population moved past their ignorance to welcome the technological era.

The first encounter and the middle land

After the first war, known as the Warm War, Kalbak and Melk decided to declare a white peace. Here we have a glance of what their politics in future will look like: Kalbak decided to send water to Melk that in return cultivated and gave food to Kalbak. This mutual help without money involved was called Qiem and it became the official political tactic of the, now two, tribes. In the meanwhile Delfsk continued to develop majorly in the technological field which led to a major improvement of their life. During one of the winters, some Delfsk decided that it was more convenient to move closer to the center, to find more livestock or be able to farm better. There they colonized part of the middle land, calling it Wurstyald (the promised land). Wurstyald quickly became the capital of the technological movement. As the capital started expanding they found themselves against Melk, not knowing who they were or why they were there, they attacked them.

Wurstyald and the first planetary war

Two days (human day) after the celebration of the first year of peace (Gliese’s year, 56 human days), the first planetary war got declared. The war was between Melk and Delfsk the first later joined by Kalbak. Having a prosperous background and being divided into two, clever tribes, really helped in number for the Melk the Delfsk were more technological advanced and more used to battle. The conflict stopped the night before Stilidarns (the day of the resurrection, a Delsf holiday), remembered by Melk and Kalbak as the night of death, when Delfsk burned down Melk’s entire city. With the defeat of Melk, they decided to go back to their zone, leaving Delfsk as the only owner of Wurstyald.

The rebellion

After only ten days (human days) of victory, Melk and Kalbak declared war to Delsfk again. Delfsk weren’t prepared for an attack and this led to a genocide. Delfsk retreated a little, letting Melk inhabit their city again. The new state of peace between the three tribes helped the development of both sides, Melk and Kalbak’s math helped Delfsk to be more advanced technologically, while Delfsk’s water made so that Melk and Kalbak didn’t have to worry about drought anymore. With this state of peace, the second Qiem was formed (or Qiemtim, later naturalized as Qietim).

Qietim and the modern age

After the rebellion, a new state of peace came upon Gliese. The whole planet started cooperating creating a singular government. Each tribe had representation chosen from the people with the highest credit. A credit was a way to determine how much a person contributed to their society, the more credits, the more job opportunities. A new universal language was instaurated by mixing the different languages of the tribes. A new race made its way in the society: Xalaek, a mixed being from both Kalba and Delfs typical from Wurstyald. A Xalae was considered the perfect being and important because child of two persons with high credit.

The second planetary world and present time

After almost a century of peace, a new creditor made his way through Kalbak’s politics: Aeris. His plan was to get back Wurstyald’s territory that was occupied by Delfsk during the first planetary war. To do so, he broke every Qiem rule by receiving the needed water but never sending back food to Delfsk. He thought that Kalbak were the perfect race, superior even to Melk who were just the same race but with a different name. He defined Melk as traitors and therefore not considered them their equals and he defined Xalaek as the consequence of a failed system. To promptly answer, Delfsk refused to trade water with Kalbak until they had their food back, while they pressured Wurstyald to solve the problem. In the meanwhile Melk traded with Delfsk while building the first military base on their moon, Zhaxi, with the help of Delfsk, to control Kalbak’s military activity. Kalbak found this move as a further threat to their sovranism which they fought by sending a missile directly against Delfsk. The weapon was intercepted by Zhaxi’s base which promptly took them down. In the meanwhile Wurstyald tried to negotiate with Kalbak in a desperate attempt to leave the Qiem alive which was refused by Aeris. After a year (Gliese’s days) of apparent silence from Kalbak, Aeris found out a new technology developed by Delfsk for farming even in the lowest temperatures. Threatened by the fact that Delfsk could become independent and wouldn’t bend for his needs, Aeris attacked a second time, but this time he planned an ambush to Wurstyald and killed every Xalaek in his way. This action led Melk and Delfsk to respond to their threats and answered the fire with further fire. This war is still happening now.


WOW! THIS IS AWESOME! (Though I don’t understand the Latin) BUT I always knew that you would think of something awesome!


Woah, thank you! :sob:
The Latin alphabet is just the English one!


I can’t though! It’s SO GOOD! The planning and everything!

Will there be any human characters?

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You’re always so nice, thank you!!
Yes! The story takes place on Earth!

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I don’t need this but this is awesome, Zey. I love how it’s different and out of the box thinking. Such a creative little sprout you are :heart_eyes_cat:


Of course!

When do you think it will be out?

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She is great right!

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Thank you so much, I appreciate it :sob:
@Danielle318 I’m not sure. I was planning to release it December 1st but they just announced a movie with the same name/genre. So I submitted a ticket and I’m waiting to see what I have to do

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