Learn some things about me! AND eachother!


Hey guys! So a lot of people have been asking some things about me and I wanna answer them on here! If you guys want to know anything about me, here’s where you can ask! Also, you can learn about others! Ask others about them too!


What’s your fav TV show?


It’s Charlotte and Darling In The FranXX (sorry thats two lol)


Omg, I love Charlotte :sparkling_heart:


The anime right??


Which manga genre do you like if you read manga? Shounen or Shoujo?




Yay! Which shoujo animes do you like? Mine has to be Kimi Ni Todoke


I recommend Fudanshi Seikatsu as well - it is hilarious


Yesssssssss. The ending left me crying.


I liked Blue Spring Ride and Black Bird from the Shoujo manga and I read Boku No Hero Academia Manga


Oh lucky. I’m about to get the Black Butler manga. One of my favorite animes btw. Oh I know I shouldn’t have watched the manga before watching the anime but Black Butler is so good. If you haven’t watched it, you should!


I might! Sounds good!


Have you watched How Not To Summon a Demon Lord? I love it!


Or Toradora the anime? I cried in almost every episode and now I am re-watching it for literally the fourth time!


No. I might check it out!


It’s like the BEST high school romance Anime!!!


Have you seen Ouran High School Host Club.
That’s my favorite comedy. It’s on Netflix! :heart:


No I haven’t I will! I am watching like five shows right now but I can make time! I always have time for another!


Me too. I’ll check yours out!