Learning code class come join my Google class I am put the code for class age36ch come join the class please come join my class it fun to join

Yes you are teaching now just keep it work

@JemU776 @Delilah1,
@Danielle318 @rubywrites @Purva @Forever1201 @lanafrazer_episode @Lex2 this

List item

Sorry, I can’t help. I’m too busy :neutral_face:

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It ok

Is there anything I need to add to my google account for the class?

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Just put code class age36ch did you download google class on play story here are code age36ch get you in

No don’t have to do anything

Did you join the Google class here are code age36ch you can put in to join


It is against the Forum General Rules to post email addresses on the public forum.

If you’d like to give your email address to someone, please do so via private message.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry I forgot! Meant to delete afterwards will from now on


No problem, it happens. :wink: Just don’t want anything bad to happen to any of our community members if they give out private info on the public forum. :slight_smile:


@Rihanna90 Can I join the class

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Yes you can age36ch this code need use to join

I am giving you code to the class age36ch

What is the site


go on play store download google class than you put the code in

Ok thanks

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You welcome

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