Learning Limelight

How did you guys learn how to use Limelight? I’ve always written through the app, and I want to start using Limelight. Any good videos, websties, tutorials, or forum threads you could link to for a fellow Episode fan?
Thank you so much!

  • Emma Starr

I recommend Episode Life for script templates, and tutorial videos for Limelight and Ink by Joseph Evans. If you need help, feel free to ask any questions on my thread. :wink:

Through the app? As mobile creation?

All directing is the same for all of the styles (Ink, Limelight, Classic).

You can read the guides and forums threads/ ask questions in the forums if there’s something you don’t understand.

But if you just starting, take in mind Limelight is not the friendliest to use.

But if you decide to start with Limelight, notice these things:

*It doesn’t have script templates. (That can be helpful for people who just start)

*The males are by default shorter than the females and you’ll have to always spot them right if you want them to look better.

*There are way less things going around about Limelight than Ink, don’t be surprised.

*It doesn’t have a lot of Ink animations you may have seen in stories or any hidden items.

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