Lea's Galaxy Shop

Hello, welcome to my Galaxy Shop

Well, since I have too much motivation I decided to open this shop cause I need to use it before it vanishes :yawning_face:
What I can do: pfps, custom poses, limbs, splashes.

  • No theard hopping

  • I will not tolerate any rude or direspectful behavior towards me or anyone requesting in this shop

  • I only do LL for splashes (edited, one character) and simple pfp, I mainly do ink

  • I do small covers only in ink and with one character, no art scenes

  • Be specific, don’t just send a pic of character doing idle, send with animation and other stuff

  • NO RUSHING, it takes me about 2-12 h to complete one edit and I have life outside episode

  • If pose looks too complicated, I might deny your request

  • Please don’t request any kind of NSFW or “badass” edit, I don’t feel comfortable doing it :cold_sweat:


*Credit me by my insta @lea_author

  • Use the password Galaxymood so I can know you read the rules, I won’t accept your request if you don’t have it. Please blur it.



Small cover

I did this cover for cover contest so there had to be two characters


Haven’t done them for a while but I can do them for sure

Custom poses



Fair Fingers Hold Female

I’ll take up to 2 requests cuz I don’t want to overwhelm myself
Doing rn
Waiting list

Happy requesting :heart:


What’s the max characters you put in custom poses

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2 characters

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Sorry I don’t do LL for custom poses :sweat_smile: only for splashes

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Oh okay

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Please people c’mon I have school in two weeks and won’t be free like now :sob:

do you do LL limb OLs?

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I don’t do LL at all sorry :sweat_smile:

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oh ok. Good luck with your shop tho!

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Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi I wanted to make a request for a few custom poses if possible?


1st one:
Brow- Seductive round
Hair- Beachwave (black)
Eyes- Upturned luxe (Black)
Face- soft heart
nose- soft natural
Lips- Full Round (Rosewood)
I want her to be standing but she has one leg up (like her leg is on a wall and shes leaning on a wall) and her facial expression is yawn_bored and her hair is messy and if possible could you add a lip and nose piercing.
Screenshot 2020-08-29 at 12.55.47 AM
2nd one:
same as last one
for this one I want her to be crying but angry at the same time and she’s not standing but she’s not sitting (if that makes since) like one of her knees are on the ground and her arm on the other one and she looks super pissed but she has tears in her eyes…
Screenshot 2020-08-29 at 12.58.39 AM
last one:
Skin- Rosewood
Brow- Thin angled
Hair- Straight (Black)
Eyes- upturned feline (Black)
Face- Oval
Lips- Classic (rosewood)
I want her to be standing but she’s scared and she’s looking behind her shoulder, if possible could you make her have bruises and a few scars and maybe some tears…
Screenshot 2020-08-29 at 12.59.39 AM

thank you so so much in advance if you can do this (IM SO SORRY IF IT’S TOO MUCH WORK I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!!!
Pass: Galaxymood

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Hey, you must include password to request so I know you read my rules thanks :))

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Sorry about that I fixed it :slight_smile:

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Thanks and I’ll start working on your request asap :blush:

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Thank you :relieved::heart:

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