Leave story ideas & plot twists


Hi! Feel free to leave any story ideas/prompts or plot twists, for people to use. :heart:


A girl mc who battles with depression and anxiety everyday on her path to find true love… she must overcome her social anxiety fear to find her one true love… and along the way to finding him/her!! She gets her hurt broken a few times by different people… a little backstory about the mc… her dad left when she was 9 years old… so she was raised by a single mom and struggled to fit in at school and make friends… then She finally found one friend named Abby… her and Abby became inseparable until the mc met her 1st love interest… and her losing Abby is what through her into depression…


There could be a story that’s from a rich guys friend point of view

The rich guy could be in love with a girl who is married to someone she doesn’t love and only cares about money

The guy also is gay and has a crush on the rich guy but keeps it a secret

The girl only realised she loved him too late when he had gone to war 5 years before saying he’d come back rich one day and he did

The guy and girl could accidentally kill someone in a poor town where the girls husband cheated on her. Everyone thinks the guy is the one who did it but the girl was driving.

The guy who is in a relationship with the girl that got killed could kill the rich guy

I’m planning to make a story like this so yeah


Opinions if I do make this as a story?


That’s sounds really insteresting… I’m not great at writing/directing… lol but I would love to see my story idea made!!! lol


What’s your idea?How come your back? Not trying to sound rude


I’m still on forums… lol just not doing many art request… I couldn’t leave… lol my idea is above


Oh oops that’s a good plot and ok


It would be a waste of a great idea if you didn’t make it into a story lol. It sounds really interesting and I would definitely read it :blush: .


A comedy story about a teenager boy who has an imaginary friend he can only see


I want someone to write a story where the MC is the “villain” but you don’t know it. All the actions seem justified as you play through but then at the end you realized how messed up it all is.


I hope that somebody will write any story about deaf people!! Think that it would be interesting for anybody to write a story about any family who raise their kid who has progeria to grow older 8x per year quicker than normal aging and go to progeria reunions yearly to meet other kids with progeria!! I had met a toddler with progeria some years ago and he is almost 12 years old!!


omg I’ve read a story like that and it was a choices matter story too which made it really fun.


I always find getting stuck in a book, movie, video game, etc. very entertaining (a great example would be Jumanji).


It sounds great!


Yeah, I love those types!


Plot twist the person she or he falls in falls in love has a step dad who is the mc dad

Hope that made sense


Thanks i didn’t know if it sounds good it also can have a series because the girl could end up pregnant with the dead guys baby