Leave the City { Sign UPS }


I really shouldn’t get all the credit for the idea. @livvy613 created the idea, she’s just on a temporary break. When she comes back, she’ll take over this RP/SG. Though, I did introduce her to Twenty One Pilots. She got this idea from a song. So…


Well then it’s a teamwork idea? Either way it’s awesome.






Can I reserve ?




Le bumperino


Is the wait because there needs to be 10 people?


Is there still space to sign up?




Awesome. How do I sign up a character?


I didn’t add the sign up form yet because I’m waiting for each spot to be reserved. Then I’ll add it


There needs to be 10 people


Reserve one female, and one male.


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Here is the sign up form


Age ( 18+ ):
Relationship with orther characters:


Age range is 18+

 Violet Evans

|| Female ||
|| 19 Years Old ||
|| Bisexual ||
|| Cautious and attentive, Violet always keeps a quiet and shy front when meeting people. She takes a while to get to know someone before deciding how much she really wants to open up and be herself around the person. Although sometimes she could choose the wrong people to open up to, and it could make her vulnerable. To some, she could be a true mystery and hard to see through. But, to those she decides to open up to, Violet is an emotional person, and after letting them in, it’s hard for her to let them go. Violet is strategic, intelligent and defensive over things she cares about. ||
|| Bio TBA ||
|| Relations TBA ||
|| Strengths: Intelligence and she is good at arguing a point and putting things right. ||
|| Weakness: She is weak, physically. She is also young and short. And bringing up her past could make her liable. ||
|| Faceclaim ||


If anyone wants a relationship / future relationship with Violet, PM me :slight_smile:
I’m not really sure what to do for her bio yet, so if anyone wants their character to be involved, also PM me


Name: Sully Winters
Age ( 18+ ): 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Bio: She was just a baby when the plague began, now she fights with the others to survive. She’s been fighting to survive ever since. She can protect herself, she knows how to use and conserve the little resources around her. She doesn’t really care what anyone thinks of her but don’t mention her family.
Personality: She is bold, confident and bad@$$. She doesn’t take nonsense from anyone and she speaks what what she wants. She keeps her promises and is loyal to those she cares for. She is overly protective of her family. She can be aggressive.
Strengths: Her intelligence and the fact that she can keep calm under any circumstance, she is a brave soul.
Weaknesses: Anything regarding her family
Relationship with other characters: Not any the moment


Name: Alexis Morgan
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Bio: She was always moving around with her family, never staying in one place too long. So when the zombie apocalypse began, she was ready. She quickly learned to use a gun, and learned to fight the best she could. The last of her family, she’s trying her best to continue.
Personality: Strong willed, cold, bad*ss, she can also be kind, passionate, and collective.
Strengths: Fighting, shooting, and smart.
Weaknesses: Her past, love, and trusting too easily.