Leaving for 3 weeks!


:sob: Ok, I have an announcement.

On the 22nd, I am leaving the forums for 3 weeks!

I have to go for camp, and as I’m not allowed to have technology… No… forums…

It makes me so sad to say this, but if you don’t see me for 3 weeks… you’ll know why. :sob: I love all of you and this community and this time will go by quick. I hope

@sunflower.jm (I’ll miss you daughter.)
@Eleanor_W-15 (I’ll miss listening to music with you… :frowning: )
@XMysteryX (I’ll miss you daughter.)
@SilverStar :ghost:
@Chay (A&C forever)
@Brooklyn_Writes cookie
@Chocolate_mama (I’ll miss ya, mum and I wish you and T best of luck)
@FinnTheGhost (I’m gonna miss you dude.)
@tellyg47 (I’m gonna miss you bro!!! :sob:)
@kerubiel (I know you don’t see this because you’re taking a day break, but I’m gonna tag you anyway. I’m going to miss you so so so so so much princess… it makes me completely heartbroken to even think of not talking to you for 3 weeks… how will I even survive??? I’m gonna make the best of these next few days before I leave. At least I’m here for our 2 week anniversary tomorrow right? I love you, princess and gosh this is gonna be so difficult… please wait for me??? :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::relaxed:)

I’m gonna make the best of these next few days.


Will. Miss. You


I’ll miss ya too Star


We will miss you too!!! Love you A


Awwww I’ll miss you man!!! Be safe and have fun!!


Awwwwww I’m going to miss you ma dear!!! Love you and have fun!


Noooo! I will miss you to much. Dude everyone leaving!!! For three weeks??? This is slavery they shouldn’t force you. You should have your phone. What camp is this. I called B.S. they are the worst!! Oh and thanks too!


:joy: I’ll miss you t


I miss you too.


I wish you the best of the best of the best of luckkkkk!


Finn just showed me this so I’m on for the mo!! Ok, I just wanna say that yes, it’s really really sucks that I won’t be able to talk to you for three weeks and I’ll miss the hell out of you, but if I can ask one thing of you it would be that you have the best time you can for me ok?? I’ll still be here when you get back so just focus on having a good time!! I want you to enjoy yourself as much as possible so try not too much on the fact that you can’t chat with us, but the fact that you’re at camp, in the wilderness, surrounded by people similar to you!!! I wanna just let you know that no one is upset at you for having to leave for a bit, too, since it’s literally completely out of your control ok?? I love you, so be safe n stuff while you’re there too, alright?? These next few days are gonna be amazing


yh I promise I’ll have fun, my love. I’ll miss you and I love you!!!


and even tho I’m gonna have fun, this is gonna feel like death :joy:


Ily!!! I’m prolly gonna sign off again for now but I’ll be back on tomorrow ok??? Mwah!! :revolving_hearts::green_heart::heartbeat::cupid::sparkling_heart::two_hearts::blue_heart::heartpulse::gift_heart::cupid::revolving_hearts::yellow_heart::sparkling_heart::heartbeat::purple_heart::gift_heart::two_hearts::cupid:


Kbcjkdfhkcv me too ama me too


mm-hmm ok princess!!! Stay safe, my love.



I’ll misssssss you!


ill miss ya too claire


I’ll miss you too! nsitjesgb three weeks is forever ever, but you’re going to have a rockin time at camp and come back happy and excited and we will be happy and excited to talk!!


mmhmm :relaxed: I’m gonna miss you guys but itll go by fast I hope