Leaving For Now



Hey guys… So, I have some news. I am leaving the forums until summer is over. I use my school’s laptop and tomorrow I have to turn it in for the school year. Meaning, I can’t get back to you guys until next year school starts. I want to give thanks to

For being such helps in my writing this school year. You all helped me in some way and there are many others I should thank but I don’t know who on the top of my head.Also, I will be closing my edit thread until then, so I can’t finish anyone’s cover! I am so sorry, to everyone who I didn’t make their covers. You will have to request somewhere else… Anyways. I want to say thanks before I leave and I hope you all have a wonderful summer or great day! I am sorry to say this but I will have to say, goodbye… Goodbye everyone!! See you in two or more months!!
XOXO Zoey (A.K.A @episodechick33 )


I’ll miss you, Zo. I’ll talk to you when summer ends but until then, I hope u have an incredible summer! Your dear friend, Ami


Can’t wait to see you soon! :smile:


Thanks again for the awesome cover! Have a good summer!


We’ll miss you!! Have a good summer! :heart:

~ Winter :snowflake:


Do you have a phone? The episode forums can be accessed through some mobile devices.


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: