Leaving Forums?

I may leave forums or take a break. If I do take a break I’ll still be rping because that’s my life…

  • Take a break
  • Leave
  • Idc
  • Stay

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Fyi if I do stay and not take a break from forums other than rp and someone says something I’ll leave probably permantely I’ll let it go for 2 weeks in that time of I stay and someone is rude I’m done sorry for the sadness of this thread

I’d prefer if you didn’t leave. But if you need a break, take a break.
But leaving outright is something I regret whenever I do it on a forum.

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And honestly, you shouldn’t have made a poll. You can’t let others dictate what’s best for you.

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actually I’m just seeing what others say I’ll make the final decision

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Fair enough.