Leaving the community 😞


I am getting bored of Episode.
Like, no offence to anyone.
I just haven’t had much enjoyment recently.

For example:

  • I post edits on my Instagram. I haven’t had much inspiration of what to edit.
  • I have started to write a story. I know exactly what I want to happen but I have no motivation to write.

So, I made the hard decision to leave this wonderful community.
I will miss everyone so much, you are all so lovely and I am grateful I could spend time in your community.

So, I guess this is goodbye.


I hope you find your inspiration soon… If you want anything you can ask me… I would be glad to help… but if you have decided to leave… Then I guess, good bye… Have a nice day…:heartpulse:


Aw, that sucks.

I haven’t had the inspiration after publishing my story as I have very low reads and feel like my efforts are going to waste.

But you’ll find that spark again, I did it on another platform and I don’t regret it. Take time to clear you thoughts. Hell, you might even find another hobby besides coding.

And maybe with the way things happen on Episode, it’s not as sociable as other platforms in my opinion, but I wish you all the best.

Ps. Don’t take to long. One minute you leave and then come back and Episode has five diffrent art styles. Lol


i don’t know how to respond to this.


have a nice day? i hope you find more motivation


Moved to Episode Fan Community. :smile: