Leaving The Forums


Hey I will just make this short and quick, I’m leaving Episode Forums. It’s just my time, I will no longer be on The Forums, Instagram, or Discord. I don’t want to go into details but people have been trying to cause drama. I am completely leaving the forums. I won’t be replying to anything.

With Love,
Madison W


And there are many more people…


I barely know u but I know in gonna miss u already :sneezing_face:




Gonna miss you Madison :sob:


I know you not seeing this but we’ll miss you :disappointed_relieved:. goodluck in life idk how else to say that :pensive:


Hopefully we’ll talk again one day you are the best online friend :heart::joy:


Me 2
I know you know your doing the right choice


I’m gonna be sad, i don’t even know you, but I’ll definetly gonna be sad… :pensive:


You won’t be there for the wedding… We’ll hold a moment of silence at the church for you.


Sad to see you go. Remember you are always welcome back. Take care! :peace_symbol:


Going to miss you :sob: :disappointed: :cry:


I don’t know you, but I’ll miss you


gonna pray for you at the wedding!!!


Still Crying :sob:


Idk you but I’ve seen you around and I’ll miss you too.