Leaving The Forums :(


Hey guys. Gabi here. I just wanted to let y’all know I am leaving the forum. Why? Busy, drama, not enough time to get on, and you may not know but I have a YouTube channel I need to run and spend more time on it. I will miss you all especially the following:
And many more! I will miss you guys and I hope you guys have a great time on here. Love y’all!


Im leaving the forums forever
Hola! I'm new here :)
A very weird convo!
My Wedding plans ! yay!

Awww… Gabi… well I wish you best of luck on your channel… I’ll miss you too


Thanks. I’ll miss you Chay! I love you!


I wish you the bed luck! I will truly miss you! :hugs:




Bye Gabi Hope you do good.I’ll check out your YouTube.
What’s your username?


Love you too girl… do you have an insta?


Aww… we’ll miss u. But… it’s your choice, I’ll


I will be getting Insta soon but right know I don’t have it. Want my email?


email me gabiandclaire@gmail.com


Of course… gotta keep in touch somehow


Ok. I gave it to you up