Left BreathLess


I posted my first story , I would love some reviews.

Left beathLess
Written by Lizzie C

Reviews on my first story

Hello, I launched my first story (3 episodes so far) and I was wondering if anyone could review it and give me feedback .
My story name :Left BreathLess
Author: Lizzie C.


Hello, I would love to read it! I will definitely let you know when I am done!


Awesome thank you


I would love a review also

Name: Don’t Kiss Him
By: Nakinaki

Joey has fallen in love with her best friends brother. The one guy she promised never to touch. When Joey tries to move on with a famous chef a group of fans try and ruin her life.



I really like your story! I think people would definitely read this! And as of right now I don’t see any problems with it!


Really ! Awesome thank you so much . I will have chap 4 by Friday .


Cool I’m excited to read it!