Left handed or right handed? (POLL)

hey loves

Since I get harassed in real life for being left-handed I wanted to see which hand you guys use

  • Left-Handed
  • Right-Handed
  • Ambidextrous

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You have been harassed for being left-handed? Why are people such a-holes towards things you literally cannot change??? This friend that I met in the ninth grade not only had Tourettes but he was also left-handed. He told me these horrible stories about him being FORCED to use his right hand in elementary school. Like DAMN. Can’t y’all accept that people are different for once???


People are always asking including teachers it’s very annoyingg

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One time when I was in elementary there was one teacher that was always telling me to write with my right hand but I just couldn’t and she didn’t care.
I also hate the questions they ask you like. How do you write like that? Don’t you feel weird?
or Did you know you’re going to die 10 years earlier?
well, those are the questions they ask me, haha.


Yes It’s really annoying :slightly_smiling_face:

Ambidextrous :v:t2:

Hmm… sorry if you get asked this a lot but which hand do you use more?

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Wow. More ambidextrous people than left-handed ^^’ that’s strange! X’D

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Also, yes I’m also the only left-handed person in my family. I’m muslim/pakistani so being left-handed isn’t much of a struggle but a lot of the times my mum forces me to eat with my right hand because if I don’t it’s a sin.


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When people think of being left-handed or right-handed, they think of writing first. There are other things we use our hands for but no, writing is the most important one!! I’m left-handed when it comes to doing daily stuff, like eating, vacuuming and stuff, when it’s writing I can do both but obviously right writing looks better (actually they both look trash)

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My mum’s ambidextrous! It’s because she was born left-handed, but her parents thought it was shameful and indecent to be left-handed, so they forced her to write with her right hand. All those years of writing right-handed and being born left-handed = ambidextrous.

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Idk what I am honestly…
I use my right hand to write because I canNOT use my left hand for sh*t but sometimes I use my left hand for things. I can’t think of anything now because I don’t think about it when it happens. my body just uses whatever hand it feels more comfortable using, so I guess that’s that. But I still consider myself a rightie because I think I use it more often. Okay bye now :v:

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I cut with my left hand but I am right handed…

I get made fun of for being left handed as well but that’s what happens when there’s a belief rooted within your blood relatives that being left handed is just plain awful. I used to wish so much that I could wake up right handed when I was a kid, but it never happened :cry:

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I cut with my right hand but am left-handed haha

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Personally I have never been made fun of for being left handed, aside from my sort-of friend in Year 6 who called me a ‘left-handed leprechaun”??? I didn’t care though. Some teachers commented on it like “Oh! You’re left-handed”, but nothing more than that.

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Funny story. So some twins when they are born one prefers to write with their right hand, and the other their left. My twin was fine writing with her right hand while I preferred my left. When I was growing up my dad noticed this and forced my to use my right hand. I do prefer my right hand now I’ve spent like 13 years using it- but I have horrid handwriting. I didn’t know why my handwriting sucked until my dad told me it was cause I was writing with the hand I was uncomfortable with :woman_shrugging:

I’m sorry about your dad forcing you :crying_cat_face:

My dad doesn’t like that I’m left handed and makes fun of it for me-in a joking way. But he never ever forced me to write with my right hand. I’m thankful for this. But despite this, he’s cool and kind to me, and of course, I love him. I mean he grew up that way, having that belief. His mother (my grandma) disliked left handedness so much that when I was a kid, she would always tell me to try writing with the other hand. I remember one time we were sitting outside and I was writing and she was glaring at me. I had no idea why she was glaring but then I realized-oh, it’s the hand I’m writing with. I know I’m always going to meet people who don’t like the hand that I write with but I can’t change to please them. I need to write with the hand that I’m comfortable with.

And so should you. You need to always write with the hand you are comfortable with, and if people think it’s sinister, who cares? We write what we want, how we want, and with what hand we want. Most of us weren’t only given a right hand, we were given a right and a left hand. And we should be able to write with the one that we want.

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