Legacies RP {Sign-Ups}


Hey guys! If you do not know me…my name is Kait. I used to be a frequent user, and now I kind of fade in and out. I am insanely bored since it is currently finals week at my uni, so I have decided to start a RP.

If you do not know what Legacies is, I will give a quick run down. Basically, Legacies is a spin-off series of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. I have had the wonderful pleasure of working on set with this show, so I thought it would be fun to create a roleplay based off of the show. The show centers around the decendants of the original characters as well as new students in the Salvatore School. Fair warning, if you are not up for spoilers in The Vampire Diaries I advise finishing the series before signing up since this show and the RP takes place after The Vampire Diaries has ended. I’ll let Rick explain the rest…

Congratulations, new student. We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted. Please find the enclosed list of items and equipment required for the school year.
Term begins on August 5th. We await your acceptance or rejection no later than July 1st.

Yours Sincerely,
Alaric Saltzman

Sending out the final acceptance letters was always my favorite part. I loved to see the young and newly discovered supernaturals wandering in on their first day of classes as if this place was Hogwarts. I mean, in a way, it was. The walls breathed magic into everything they touched, creatures of darkness and misunderstanding found their way around the corridors, and the classes (altough mixed with regular schooling) had a fairytale quality that not many private schools taught in their cirriculum.
This was the Salvatore School. Founded by Caroline Forbes and myself, this school was created to help young supernaturals control and manage their abilities in order to protect the public and themselves.
My own daughters, Josie and Lizzie attend school here as well. I wish I could say that meant it was always secure, but recently strange things have been happening around campus. Animals, no, creatures that should not exist threaten the lives of my children every day. I have made it my mission and my duty to protect this school and everyone inside of it. That is why I’m writing you…I need your help. I’ve heard you are one of the most gifted students the Salvatore School has ever seen. You, and a group of other young students must help me protect this school. Without any magic of my own I am relying on you all to follow my orders and keep the peace within these walls and outside of them.

However, no one else in the school besides your group can be made aware of the situation. Especially the kids at Mystic Falls. No matter what, you have to keep the secrets of your mission and the secret of your powers safe from anyone else. If you can promise me that then meet me in the main common room at midnight tonight. I am sending letters to the other students in your group as well. Josie and Lizzie have cast a spell on this letter so no one else is able to read the words I have written here besides you.
Please…the school, and all of Mystic Falls, is counting on you.

-Headmaster Saltzman

Okay! So! That was your rundown. Basically, you will be signing up to portray a number of possible characters or supernatural students. I will have all of the main cast listed as possible characters plus the ability to sign up for a werewolf, vampire, or witch/wizard (the three featured supernatural beings on the show). There are a number of rules, so let’s get those out of the way, shall we?

  1. If you choose to play a, what I’ll call, “principle character” you may only play that one character and one other normal student character. For example, if you wish to play Lizzie you can not play Hope, but you can be a vampire student. Keep in mind that choosing a principle character means you will be subject to more plot development than a normal character and might not get to RP with that character as much.
  2. You may have no more than 2 playable characters at a time whether that be a principle character and a student or two students. You may, of course, only play one if you choose.
  3. There is no blatant rule breaking. Of course, I expect rules to be broken, but by this I mean that you can not run up to a Mystic Falls student and say “hey! I’m a vampire! blah!” or I will be forced to remove you. Just do not do anything overtly stupid or PM to ask if an action is appropriate if you are unsure.
  4. The principle characters have a greater sense of authority than regular students since they will be in the inner loop of planning. If a principle tells your character to do something, do it.
  5. Do not abuse your powers. Principles may not boss around other students unless it is part of the discussed plan (we will have a PM). Students may also not abuse their supernatural abilities. Don’t drink your best friend or explode their insides with your mind or tear them to pieces with your werewolf teeth, okay?
  6. Do not spam the thread with meaningless posts. I do not need to see 200 posts of pointless dialogue or you talking ORP with your buddy. Please. I probably will not say anything unless it gets out of hand but please just be aware that the thread will be for the storyline.
  7. Do not give any of your regular student characters previous characters ancestrial ties. (AKA do not have your character be related to a Salvatore or something). This will provide a blurred plot line and too many confusing details to work out. Be creative.
  8. (Last one, I swear) Please use proper grammar and spelling when writing your responses. If you have a series of poor grammar usage (15 or more times with warning) I will remove you from the thread.

That is about it? I think? Have fun? This will not be directly based on the show, but it will include many factors of the show and the same general plot. If you have questions about what powers the supernatural students have please visit the links below!


Oh, and I am putting a cap on sign-ups, so if you are interested please reserve or sign-up soon so your spot is not taken. Thanks!

Sign-Up Form: https://goo.gl/forms/XimxIz8GhT6XtLnC2

List of Taken Principles:

-Alaric Saltzman (@DandelionKait)
-Hope Mikealson (@valeria.episode)
-Josie Saltzman (@Roleplay.lk)
-Lizzie Saltzman (@Alyssa_Epi)
-Penelope Park (@
-Rafael Waithe (@DandelionKait)
-MG Greasley (@
-Landon Kirby (@dramaqueen.episode)
-Kaleb (@

Any Roleplays I can join?

This is cool. ^-^ I’ve been trying to watch the show because I loved the vampire diaries so much.

Reserve for two students and a teacher.


Reserve for the character Hope :grin:


Only two characters at a time, but I will reserve you a spot for two students and you can let me know!


Submitted my characters. (Josie Saltzman and I forgot my other one)

EDIT: Can you drop my character Rena?

ANOTHER EDIT: Oh wow I didn’t realize someone had already reserved Hope. Sorry.


Can I reserve Josie please.

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I already submitted her…

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Lol ok… it’s not written down so I didn’t know obv.


Ah! I’m sorry. I was writing out that I submitted her but I had to get off. Sorry again.

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@Roleplay.lk I’ve already said it, but I will say it again. Please read the rules of the RP. Only 2 characters. Hope has already been reserved. You may have Josie and one other character. Please resubmit your second character.
@calico.episode I’m sorry. I haven’t updated since last night. If you’d like another principle or Lizzie you’re more than welcome to fill out another form.


I’m so sorry. I had woken up early and my brain was kind of scrambled. I was trying to fill out the forum as quickly as I could, and I rushed everything. I didn’t read through the rules as slowly and as carefully as I wished.

I’ll make sure to throwly submit my other character and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


Can I reserve for the Landon character please?

I’ll try to get the form done as soon as I can.

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Sure thing!


I filled out the form!!!


Finally submitted my character. ^-^

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About how long more till the RP starts, I need to know so I can get on with the episode for it?
Also because of exams, I have to manage my time gladly school closes Friday.

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@dramaqueen.episode I’m waiting on enough people to submit forms to start!


Is it too late to book in?


Is it too late to join?


Love legacies xxxx