LEGO Ninjago déjà vu?


Okay so, in “Bad Boy’s Girl” there’s a love triangle between COLE, JAY and Tessa. But it might as well be Nya. For those of you who don’t know, there are five ninja: Lloyd, Zane,Kai,Jay,and Cole. Everyone agrees that Jay and Nya were meant to be because they both loved each other. But when Zane gives half of his power source to his girlfriend PIXAL(Zane’s a robot nindroid) Jay’s mother says that they’re so cute together and that they have at least have of what Nya and Jay have. PIXAL interrupts just as the two best buds Cole and Jay walk in and says “Nya and Jay? But the Perfect Match generator says Nya and Cole would be a better match.” After that Jay and Cole turn on each other and Cole admits he liked Nya. See the similarities? There’s more. After, when Nya’s trying to figure out her feelings she says, “ Sure, Jay’s they only one who makes me laugh but he’s so self-centered sometimes. And then thee’s
Cole. He really cares about me but he’s always so serious.” See what I mean!
Cole’s literally the black ninja! The other Cole wears black clothes all the time. I just noticed this and wanted to share, I’m new to forums so let me know if I got anything wrong please reply if you noticed or want to talk.


This is so true…