Length of a story!


Okay, so do you guy I wanted to know…is almost 600 lines on for a Chapter? Like some Chapters will be longer then others! But some will be shorter then others but I want to know if you all think almost 600 is to short!


That’s before I add in were my Character comes in and talks at the end!


I’m not trying to judge. Just trying to get advice from perspective. I have been through getting a lot of bad comments on episodes because my episodes were too short. I would say at least 1000-1500 lines an episode befor your outro.


honestly you should hit 1000+ lines at then end of your chapter


And if you want to make the episodes really long, I would put 2500 lines at the least for a long chapter.


No you are fine that’s why I asked. It’s one of them things were you are at like the perfect spot to stop. lol But like my other Chapters are a little over 1000 lines.


I try to make my chapters 1000 lines before adding in my intro/recap and outro


Thank you. I all my other chapters are but I just didn’t know scents I was at a great spot for stopping but I felt it would be to short so though I should ask before I did it! :slight_smile:


I make my episodes 2000 lines long.

I think 600 is short but 5000 is way too long.

I’ve seen people who have done that. :roll_eyes:


Yes agree about being to long sometimes.


I’ll keep going I can end it some were else! No big deal… :slight_smile: Just wanted to get some thoughts on it before I did or didn’t do!


The tips are to not make episodes to short or it will make the reader mad. Make it too long, and they’ll get bored and leave. The least amount of lines I would write is 1000 and the maximum is about 3000-3500 without the intros/outros


Yeah. Agree with you there! Thank you so much!


No problem!! :wink:


And it’s Chapter 5 so I don’t want to make any one mad have not done that yet and hope to not do it lol.


I hope your story turns out great!!


Thank you! :slight_smile:


And I know you ended the topic but it also depends if you do a double space in the story. Like you either do:

@CHARACTER faces left
@CHARACTER is idle_sad


@CHARACTER faces left

@CHARACTED is idle_sad

I personally do the first one, I don’t know why but I prefer that. But a lot of people do the second one which makes the lines longer.


I double space so I have about 1000 lines but I now that every other line is blank so I say its almost 600. I’m adding more to it. It was just a really good cliffhanger and was just wounding. :slight_smile:


It’s really hard to say because the length of an episode depends on whether someone uses more or less directing and whether there are many complicated choices with different plots or not. I’ve read a couple of times that readers prefer one episode to be 10 to 15 minutes long so if I was you I would just play through the story in a “normal” pace and stop the time and see how many minutes the episode is, maybe it fits anyways.
But also always keep in mind that it is your story in first place and you have to be happy with how it is playing out and with the cliffhangers and ends so if you think that it would be good this way than I would go for it! :smile: