Length of episodes, give your opinion!

Is it ok with you to read an episode about 15-20 minutes long? Please share your opinion:)

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I like 10-20 seems good

I’m fine with it if the story is good. Bad Girl Attitude has really long chapters and I like them.


Yes, 15-20 minutes seems good :slight_smile: I like reading long story

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As for me, I could say that there were stories I really loved, it was like watching your favorite TV-show, so I prepared myself for that, like getting as much food as I could and make myself comfortable:)

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True lmao

Great to know! Because I was a little bit worried, as I’ve read there are people who read episodes when they have 5 free minutes, so long stories isn’t exactly their cups of tea. But once again, I guess that depends on person! :slight_smile:

That’s true :thinking: There are people who doesn’t like reading long story, but I believe it’s better to have long story instead 5 minutes short story, it’s like wasting my ticket ^^;

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Perfect time span

Anything from 10 to 20 mins is ideal

Any longer I can enjoy it if the story is of a high quality.

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15 minutes, at most, for me. Sometimes long chapters improve my concentration.

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10-15 is great.

20 is too long and I lose focus and interest.

I prefer 10-15. Once it starts reaching 20 I sort of lose interest in the episode.