Length of epsiodes


On average, how long should my episodes be? I know they should be around 10-15 minutes but I really want to finish my third episode quickly.


I say at least 6 or 7 minutes


It depends how you code everything I think. I use pretty simple coding with advanced every then and there and it amounts to 1300 lines which lasts for 15 minutes


I think you could easily get away with less lines though! I would say a minimum of 700 lines


OK! Thank you! I know I shouldn’t rush but I want to finish :joy:


OK! Thanks! I know I shouldn’t rush but I really want to finish :joy:


Oooooh no no.
It depends on the dialogue and coding used.
If you’re using lots of spotting and advanced directing, 1000 lines isn’t anywhere near enough.
Typically I used 500 lines for one scene.
If you’re planning on a professionalish story, advanced directing, spotting, and zooming will take tons of time and a lot of lines.


Oh ok. What is considered advanced directing though?


Use of overlays, filters, zooming in every scene, spotting, and complex animations.




Use a timer and play through your episode. I usually end up with 10 minutes episode.


OK! Thanks!