Length of stories


I’ve been told that my stories are too lengthy.
What’s perceived as too long?
My stories usually go from 3000 to 5000 lines of code. It depends on choices and branching.
I do advanced directing so that contributes to the code length.
So what’s considered long and short when it comes to line length and real time length (15 minutes etc.)


I think the timing should be 10-15 minutes whether your story is 1000 lines that covers 10-15 minutes or 10000 lines that covers 10-15 minutes as Advanced coding , use of overlays and stuff contributes and take more space in the writing portal…
So the stories between 10-15 minutes are good…
Too long when its about 30 minutes long…or 25 minutes long…


Well, my first 3 episodes are fairly long.
I do my episodes like chapters. So I have a lot of content to put in episodes.
I mean, better long than short right?
Readers passes won’t go to waste.


I agree my episodes cross the time duration of 15 minutes…
But if you will make the episodes interesting throughout then people won’t complain about it being too long…

It what I think taking Dripping Mascara as an example…


I mean, everything I implement is relative to the story line. So the length isn’t filled with pointless scenes and fillers.


Then I don’t see any problem with your story being long I would enjoy a story that is 15 minutes long that is sticked to the plot line rather a story that is 2 minutes long and have countless of things that don’t relate to the story line


Readers can be real finicky sometimes. You don’t want Episodes that are too short so that readers feel they have wasted a pass (like you mentioned) but having Episodes that are too long can seem to drag. There are some readers that want to be able to read an Episode over a break. Once you have established a flow, you can poll your readers on what episode length they prefer. I have done this a few times, and both times my readers preferred Episodes that are between 15 - 20 minutes long. The key is to keep it interesting. 20 minutes is a long time it is only filler material. Keep them on their toes!!!