Leslie's Contests #2 CLOSED

Welcome to my Leslie’s 200 followers contest!
Here I have to you can enter one of my contest or both!

Let’s start with my outline contest!

Outline without transparent background

Outline you need

Credit to @SuperKitten for outline, @epi.rosa on Instagram

Rules For Outline

  • Don’t remove her watermark
  • You can’t steal others ideas or entry!
  • Don’t use the outline for anything outside this outline contest.
  • Please let me know of any problems through a pm not here!
  • No going off topic or drama
  • Password: Sunflower

Best Friend/Inspiration/Anyone Else Edit Contest!

This one you draw an edit of your best friend (s) and I choose the best one(doesn’t need to be your best friend either can be your inspiration or anyone else). Also it would be appreciated if you wrote a bit about your best friend (or whom ever you choose)in this one. _Or your favorite character from your favorite story… Characters are unlimited…

Rules For This Contest

  • Can’t Steal ideas or entries
  • Please let me know of any problems through a pm not here!
  • No going off topic or drama
    Password: Jasmine aka a flower


Hopefully I don’t disturb anyone who was tagged.

The second contest doesn’t have to be episode style…

Tag others who might be interested!

Deadline: February 20


Contest #1

1st place: a character edit/cover/pfp/art scene with 3 character max

2nd place: character edit/pfp with 1 character max

Contest #2
1st place: a character edit/cover/pfp/art scene with 6 character max/shout-out on Instagram/follow

2nd place: character edit/pfp with 2 character max/shout out/follow

Examples of my work

Thanks :two_hearts:
~ Leslie Giselle

Instagram- @editsbyleslie04


can i join both contests?:eyes:

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Yes you can! :two_hearts:

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contest 1


contest 2


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Awesome! Can’t wait to see your entries :heart_eyes:

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hey can you pm me i have some questions😂

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Sure! :sweat_smile:

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I’ll join the second one if I have time

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Ok and thanks <3

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For the second one can it be two of my favorite characters from the same story and I want to join both passwords sunflower and jasmine

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Yep! I should probably add that xD thanks :sparkling_heart:

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Just to clarify: I can use the outline of the first contest for the second one as well?

And I’d like to enter both contests!



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:sparkling_heart: thanks for joining! But the second one has to be drawn or edited :sweat_smile: can’t be the outline

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Alright, thanks!

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I’ll join!

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Heyy gurll I’ll join…now I gotta figure out how to get my inspirations details but is the inspiration contest with the same outline or do we make our own?

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Okay nvm I already got my answer

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Wowww that’s really good! Good job!:heart:

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I made an edit for my new friend on the Forums @/Sophbee

I’m sorry the quality is bad, I will reupload a better one in the morning along with its background :slight_smile:

It was a screenshot from my Instagram so, therefore the dots below.