🌸 Leslie's Drawn Art Thread! {Closed Forever}

This is a cover right? I need the password too :grin::heart:


Where to send it?

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Here would be fine

It’s just there to ensure me you read the rules :heart:

If you’re confused go to the Rules and Guidelines banner. :blush:

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How to make sure others dont see it

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If you don’t mind you could delete it since I already saw it and that’ll be fine too

Thanks for requesting here! Your cover will be done by 6-8 days. Please let me know any concerns or questions through a pm. I’ll add you to the list right now!

Thank you for helping! I appreciate it :heart:

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Thank you so much.

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No problem :heart:

No problem!

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Could you please help me make a better cover for my story?

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Yes just fill out the form

Copy and paste this

  1. Character details ~
  2. Outfits Description ~
  3. Pose ~
  4. Password ~
  5. Title ~
  6. Is your story published or not? ~

I can’t accept your requests due to your details are not specific enough and the password is wrong.

Character details I mean like this
And whatnot

The password is listed in the rules

Sorry im new to this where do I find the rules?

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On my first post or I’ll go ahead quote it

For the character details I need you to describe how the character looks like

Characters should be in limelight

  1. Character details ~ Aiyana has dark blue deep eyes deepset downturned, skin tone Rose 02, heart soft shaped face, strawberry blonde hair is the style beach wave hair, eyebrows are arched thin high in the color strawberry blond, nose defined natural and lips small heart in the color rose gloss.

Character 2 ~ Jay’s skin tone is rose 03, eyebrows are round medium in the color chestnut brown, hair is short shaggy in the color chestnut brown, eyes are deepset downturned in the color hazel green, diamond soft shaped face, nose is male generic and lips are small heart in the color of beige rose.

  1. Outfits Description ~ Aiyana should wear Leggings plain latex neutral black
    Open jacket leather grey black
    Pattern tank silk grey black
    Booties ankle leather grey black shoes.

Jay should wear police uniform
Loafer penny leather black shoes.

  1. Pose ~ Aiyana is idle terrified_loop and Jay is idle gun_angry_loop
  2. Password ~
  3. Title ~ Past Grudge
  4. Is your story published or not? ~ Yes it’s published

See that blurred thing? Click it.

Blurred thing? I’m sorry I don’t know what you’re talking about

Something that looks like this: hello