Less Known Authors

I’ve created like fifty different threads involving this issue because I want people to know about this. I am aware that there are a lot of less known and upcoming authors within the Episode community. Personally, I am a less known author myself. I’m not proud of it because I feel like I’m worth me. I know a lot of great stories that are written by less known authors that Episode doesn’t even see because the app is flooded with popular stories. I’m not saying that popular stories by popular authors are a bad thing, it’s just that I feel like everybody deserves to have their chance in the spotlight.

With that being said, I have put together a movement called Smaller Authors Movement. What inspired me to create this movement is the fact that so many people are upset about the latest feature story “In My Bed,” to the point where a movement was created. Episode Hypocrisy. If that movement can exist. the movement can too. We can’t change Episode’s mind about things if we all aren’t on one accord with each other.

If you’re interested in the Smaller Authors Movement, please comment down below, and voice your opinions. And if you have Instagram, I made a post about this. All you have to do is repost that picture using the hashtag, smallerauthorsmovement. My Instagram is @brianam.stories. Let’s do it!

Thank you~


I commented on another one of your threads like this. The mods might close it because it might be too many of the same thread.

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