Less than a day! Fast Cover Art, Here! Mustread



Hey guys. Thanks for checking out this thread.
. Do you need cover art just put in a request.
Details down below.

Rules (sorry I sound so strict :joy: )

  1. Please be honest. If you don’t like it tell me and I will give you a redo.
  2. Please be patient, this probaly won’t be necessary but if it takes longer than a day. Please don’t nag meh.
  3. If you ask for one and don’t use it I will be on your case ( joking :sweat_smile:) but please don’t request one and don’t use it, cos they take a long timeeeeee.
  4. You may have 3 redos if you don’t like it tell me I don’t mind.
  5. Please give me credit… @oceanlover (that’s my username :sweat_smile::woman_facepalming::joy: )
    Now onto the detailsssss.

(You can just copy this and fill it in if ya want.)

Name of story :
Genre :
Author name (optional) :
Short description, (you can PM it to me if you want) :
Screenshots of the character and their descriptions.

Like this…

Any particular theme/colour/emotion (optional) :
Small and/or large cover :
Anything else you want me to do… :

Here are some examples.

If you have read this far ILYSM :joy::heart:


Nice covers :kissing_heart:


Thank you :blush::revolving_hearts:


Love me now or remain silent forever



And i would like a small cover with elenora annoyed and luciano hugging her and happy and for the background i would like it to be with dark colors


Hey could you create a cover for my story