Lesson Learned XD

Don’t code what you can’t maintain, you might code a story with superb spot directing and a solid point system and you’re like this will so get friggin featured then it takes a dark turn because on episode is taking you 2 weeks as it is out of your capacity and after endless testing you have to drop the story. Hope someone learned a lesson XD

I am sorry my depression kicks in sometimes.

how is your own story going?

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Lol it’s taken me nearly three months to publish an episode before and I had a co-writer.
One thing I’m doing now is preparing a batch of episodes (if not the entire story) before I even think of publishing.
If you need help with coding, there are plenty of people here who would be happy to help, if that’s the problem.


same. I have published 8 chapters in less than a year. and finish 5 chapters on a second story there is not puvlished because I wait on a contest.

but writing is hard. and its also hard to get noticed some times it feels like its not worth your work.

there are some people who publish once a week i cant figure out how they are able too.

That pretty much exactly matches my year so far :rofl:. I’ve published 8 chapters this year and I have an unpublished story with 5 chapters basically done.

I did this a couple years ago, but at the time I wasn’t working so I was able to publish a new episode every 4-5 days. I really don’t understand the people who can publish multiple episodes a week, even if Episode is their full time job lol.

I get it. It can be really demotivating to spend weeks working on an episode only to see the reads not go up.