Let me address something!

Ppl are saying I don’t listen, don’t reply to there comments. Other things are happening in my life too, and I am not going ANY further with this story, I am focusing on my own story lines. Don’t hate and spread negativity, the only thing it does is make the reader laugh…

Until Episode takes down Riverdale, I’ll have to forget about that story, thanks for ppl who have been supportive!

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Riverdale was it a story

I made yes, but I am working on Mindset and my Clue contest episode!

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You’re not supposed to write stories based on TV shows. It’s copyright. Episode isn’t a platform for fanfictions.


That’s why I am not continuing this story!

we all understand that everyone has their own lives to deal with as well. and believe it or not, me, @amberose, @lizzy.writes, and multiple other people told you that you’re probably going to suffer some major consequences if you don’t either archive your story or ask for it to be removed.

i suggest that you ask episode to take it down before someone else finds it and you get into more trouble. or at least archive it. i’m not trying to like ruin you, because i’m sure you worked very hard on your story, but i’m pretty sure that you don’t want to have to deal with a lawsuit. believe it or not i am just genuinely trying to help you out the best that i can.


I get that, and lawsuit, for a 15 year old? wtf?

Not saying she would be sued, but for a minor, basically the lawyer would have to talk to their parents. Then again, I’m not a lawyer so take this with a grain of salt. :grin:

Shall I just name my story

Why don’t you just archive it to start off with so it’s not visible on the app, then send in a ticket asking them to completely remove it?

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I can’t, my loggin doesn’t work until I get my IOS…

You should be able to archive it from your portal

How, i’ll probs know but/

In your portal, if you click on your avatar icon in the top right corner, go into “account settings”. You can archive it from there

Ye thought so… Thanks for reminding me!

No problems :slight_smile:

Here you go! It actually feels good not having anyone hating, thanks to everyone who told me to do this!


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