Let me draw the outline [CLOSED] INK&LL ONLY

Hey guys :heart: I am so freaking bored ugh It is the weekend and I want to do something. Colouring takes most of the time of making art so I decided to help you draw outlines
:heart: And I only do INK & LL! Sorry Classic lovers :sweat:
Just tell me your:

  1. How many character(s) (at most 3 :pleading_face:)
  2. Character details & outfit
  3. Photo of ur character (optional)
  4. Pic/animations for pose reference

Annnnd that’s it! Please be nice and patient plz :pleading_face: It will take at most two days. I have only have two examples (cuz I am new)

I didn’t draw the gun

The second one is a rush one I promise I will make it better :pleading_face:
Request now!


bootiful work :heart_eyes: I am in love

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Thank you for the compliment! :kissing_heart:

no prob! Can I request? I am shit at outlining :joy:

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Sure! :heart:

I am just glad that someone is willing to request to a fellow newbie :joy::joy:

your work be looking like pro stuff, what you talkin about :triumph::two_hearts:

tAp mE brO

How many character(s) (at most 3 :pleading_face:) - One

Character details -

Skin - honey
Eyebrows - medium soft arch
Eyes - upturned feline (white)
Face: Oval
Nose: Soft natural
Mouth: Full round (toffee)
Hair: Beach wave (chesnut)

Outffit: gO stUpid wahahahha gO crAzy Wahahhahaha :rofl:

Photo of ur character (optional) - I don’t have my phone on me :joy:

Pic/animations for pose reference - I don’t have a pic for it but… could you do a pose where the character is doing the talk_happy_ringbox but her face is sorta worried and looking down at her hands? (face you could get from the search animation)

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I feel touched :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thx :heart:

anytime, keep being a talented peanut <3

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I will do it right after I eat sth. I am hungry :joy:

yes. food comes first

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Of course sis

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Yea true :joy::joy:

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@Jubels I’ve DM you the outline. Thank you for requesting! :kissing_heart:

Do you do also Limelight?

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I have a request! Pls do it for me!!!
LL, Female

  • Character Details:
    Bodycolor: (Neutral 03)
    Brow: Arched Natural, (Color: Jet Black)
    Hair: Long Featured, (Color: Dark Black)
    Face: Diamond
    Eyes: Generic, (Color: Pale Brown)
    Lips: Full Round Flat top skin, (Color: Deep Pink Matte)
    Nose: Defined Natural

She should look forward very confidently and keep her one hand under her head.

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Sorry here is it:


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