Let me edit your avatar

I just need . . . creative freedom. You can do with it however you want though, and i dont need credit. But ill probably be posting it on my Instagram. Maybe.

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You can edit my avatar! Here are my details:

I don’t mind any clothes you put on my avatar. Go crazy lol


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Thanks pookie. Ill be working on yours right now

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Ohh, it’s beautiful! Thank you! :purple_heart:

No pressure to edit my character if you don’t want to!

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Let your creativity blossom :tulip:

You can use mine

Hey! You can edit my character, here is the deets:

Lip: Plum Gloss (btw)

Heres mine if you want to do mine. (sorry been too lazy to make myself a character card lol)

Your more than welcome to do whatever.

BODY: Female Generic Body (rose 02)
BROW: Arched Thin High (Dark Brown)
HAIR: Short Pixie (Deep Brown)
EYES: Female Generic (Brown Medium)
FACE: Diamond
NOSE: Defined Natural
LIPS: Full Heart Pouty (Fair Neutral Matte)


Omg that is the most stunning edit I’ve seen of my character ever done :sob::heart_eyes:

If it’s alright with you, can I use it as a pfp and as well as post it on instagram with credit of course :pleading_face::two_hearts:

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Yes ofc ofc. And thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Not sure if your needing anymore but here’s mine if you want to use it :blob_hearts:

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Here is my character, I don’t know if you are full with your edits but later on you could use it.:blob_hearts:

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