Let me make your overlays for you :)

For those of you who do not have access to photoshop sometimes it can be SUPER frustrating trying to find, or find someone who will make your overlays for you when you want something a little less generic and something more specific.

Let me know what kind of overlay you want, or better yet give me some inspiration through images or the image itself you would like turned into an overlay and I will do it for you :slight_smile:

Please credit me for any overlays used calico_episode

Could you make an overlay for my story ?

What did you have in mind?

Do you have any specific images you would like turned into an overlay or any reference images?

I wanted a cover or blanket overlay but I don’t know where to find a too image for that

What colour and from what angle?

Like a top/birds eye view
From the side

Is it for a bed or for on a chair/sofa.



And both what? Side view and birds eye

Or duvet and chair blanket?

Blue and a chair blanket and birds eye view

Light blue or dark blue?

Dark blue

I will work on these in the morning for you :slight_smile:

Okay thank you :heart:

Snapped these up real quick for you. The bed covers didn’t come out very blue so I can redo these when I get time tomorrow if you need me to.

Thank you those are perfect

Can you make me some bruise overlays? No specific pictures. Thanks!!

Bruises for which part of the body?

Right side of the face, right arm, and right leg?

I can do this for you but I’ll have to do it sunday as I’m super busy the next two days if you can wait? Otherwise feel free to ask someone else :slight_smile:

I can wait.

Okay, i’ll work on them sunday morning :slight_smile:

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