Let me practice on your character! [CLOSED]


There’s so many amazing digital artists, I wanted to give it a try.
I’ve done one so far, and could definitely use some more practice.

  • Send me a picture of your character!
  • Only INK characters please!
  • Follow me on ig: ellec.writes & tell me your ig so I can tag you!

:sunny: Please don’t steal any of my art, if you use my art make sure you credit me on ig: ellec.writes or on here @ElleC
Here’s my example:



Could you send me a screenshot of your character :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m way to lazy to make the characters :joy:



I’m sorry I should have specify I’m only doing ink. I’m still new at digital art!


Here is a picture of my character. Do whatever you want. <3


I want to give a a male Chapter to practice with. If that’s ok :blush:







Well, here!


insta: eps.rose


I’ve inserted different poses just in case!




Here you go! :two_hearts:
Do you have an Instagram, so I can tag you?


Here you go hun!
Do you have an Instagram, so I can tag you?



Yes bethany1991bradley
I love it you did amazing


Instagram; Babydoll_writes

Even though this isn’t accurate anymore cuz my hair colour be ombre brown/blond :joy:
But since episode doesn’t have that this is the closest we gonna get :joy::joy:


Thanks you! :sparkling_heart:


I’ll finish the requests here, but the thread is closed for now! :slight_smile: