Let me see your baby pictures!


Heyyyyyy drop down an old baby or toddler pic if you WANT!!! I wanna see some cute babies!!!


And you can say someone is cute or compliment their baby pic!

Here is me





This is me


I’m kidding :smile:


:unamused: Please no joking around :grin:


Uh no…mines is kinda ugly


Doubt it!


You are such a cutie!!!


A chubby Hispanic baby


You were so cuute!


Sadly I don’t have many baby or kid photos…:sweat_smile:

Besides am scared to share them…:pleading_face:

My mom told me when I was born all the nurses said I was a super cute baby and my mom said I had a large forehead :rofl:

Love her :smirk::blue_heart:


I had a huge head lol. No wAnder me is so smrt. :joy:

Toddler Me



You were so cute :heart_eyes:


Thanks! :heart:️ You too! Yeah but then I got ugly. Thanks to my parents who thought child obesity was ok! Smh…


Being ugly has nothing to do with one’s weight. It We should never judge someone based on how they look and instead regard their personality-are they a rude person or nice & kind?
Beauty comes from within, not from the outside.

I, too, was overweight as a kid but I wanted to feel healthier about my body so I dedicated time to losing weight and I’m so proud of where I have gotten today.

Please don’t call yourself the word ugly, it’s a hurtful thing to say.

Love the way you look, you are beautiful : )


Oh thank you. I wasn’t saying fat people were ugly. But I felt ugly when I was an obese child. :woman_facepalming:t2:

And I agree with you beauty does come from within. I just wish I realized that when I was in middle school and high school.

Thank you so much for your kind words! :grin:

You have a beautiful soul! :slight_smile:


Sorry that I misunderstood…:sweat_smile:
You have a beautiful soul too :wink:
And a picture of you as a toddler is cute :sunglasses:

#babiesaresoadorable :yellow_heart:


I love my baby photos :joy:

Young Choco


Gahh your so cute


Thank you!!!