Let out your stress and worries here

Being stressed is a normal thing in life that every human can experience. Some people can get stressed easier than others can.

When something is stressing you out, it is usually best to tell someone you trust. Let out that stress and worry.

Unfortunately, being prepared to tell somebody can be very hard. What will they think? Will they dislike me later on? Those are more worries whirling through your mind. If you feel unprepared to tell somebody what’s stressing you out, you are free to explain it on this thread first to help you.

In this thread, you are free to talk about what’s worrying you without being judged. You are encouraged to speak up and help each other.

I’ll give an example here: I haven’t had great experiences when it comes to friends. There are a few that I have blocked. My brain always puts images in my head of my old friends making new phone numbers/emails/accounts to try to contact me. It makes me feel like it will really happen, and getting it out of my mind is really tough.

Let out your stress and worries here. You can talk about problems with your family, school, work, friends or anything else! It can even be episode related, too.


Here’s a thing I’m dealing with atm, quite stressful.

I’d appreciate your opinions and advice.


I’m currently at a school which I really don’t enjoy. I’m a quiet person who likes to keep to myself. There are people at the school who belittle me but I also have a couple really nice friends who I don’t want to lose. I’m afraid of opening up to them about my families history, regarding my mother going to prison for something out of her control, my dad not being around when I was small. The tension and hate between my family and grandparents. I’m the only one who my mother fully consoles with and I’m the one who fully listens to her hardships and feelings and she listens to mine, I live with her. She’s also an alcoholic. I’ve had to put her to bed multiple times, we’ve fought, pushed each other away and cried together, always coming back to one another knowing we are each others best friends. My mother also doesn’t make money so we’re kind of controlled by her parents who pay for us. My mother wasn’t able to start up her career due to her past.

I’m too afraid to tell my friends that I have depression, social anxiety and even slight paranoia. I’m afraid they’ll judge me or pity me, acting different around me. I’ve embarrassed myself at school multiple times and I can’t stop thinking about those moments, it’s mentally exhausting. I used to do boxing, it made me feel stronger and more brave, I just need to get back into it.

Now I’m most probably moving to a new school, an all girls to. The one I’m at is co-Ed which is probably not the best for me. We wear short skirts which only make me feel worse and there’s a teacher at the school (music teacher) who really creeps me out. He’s a pervert. So I’m so happy to be leaving!

And I’ll hopefully become a better person at the new school, make more friends because there’s so many different sorts of girls to make friends with. I was limited at the school I am in now.

I needed to let this out, maybe not the best to say on the forums. But oh well…


Letting all of that out must’ve been tough. Good job!

I sometimes get worried about things that are similar to what you’ve said. It’s okay to worry about others judging you when they have something you lack.

Good friends will listen to one another. You seem like a very strong person with a family history like yours. I don’t have any reason to judge that! If you were to open up to your friends about your family history, I’m sure that they wouldn’t want to judge you. If you really like them so much that you worry about losing them, then you and your friends must have a great bond! :slight_smile: And if they were to judge, that just proves that you would deserve better friends who don’t determine their thoughts of someone just because of their family’s history. You and your family may be related, but you’re not the same person!

I hope that you start feeling better once you move to your new school. A fresh start would be great! I really recommend that you try to do some boxing again, having a sport as a hobby can help you feel better about yourself. Like how you said before: it made you feel strong and brave!

Thank you for speaking up on this thread!


Here is what worries me right now.

My story

My grandmother is diagnosed with gallstones. She was complaining about this pain in her abdomen. Later on, she decided to have an appointment with a doctor from our country’s capital after doing a self-treatment. The doctors here in our city are not good enough compare to the doctors in the capital. During her check-up, the doctor told her that she needs to undergo surgery in order to remove the gallstones.

What I’m worried about right now is the success of the surgery. I know that I’m only overthinking this, but what if the surgery fails? I don’t want to lose her yet. My grandmother isn’t even that old yet, she was the one who took care of me since I was a toddler.

I just… can’t lose her yet. We didn’t have the best relationship, but I’m deeply concerned for her. My grandmother is a bit stubborn, that’s why we didn’t have the best relationship. I can’t even tell her from time to time that I love her so much.

She called me a while ago, and I cried my heart out after ending our call. I don’t like being emotional, but when it comes to my family and friends, I seriously cannot hold my emotions.

Sorry for bothering you all. I needed to release this somehow.


Life is hard. Especially with Asian parents that put pressure on you every single goddamn day of your life. And they don’t even realise it.

I’m what, 13? I’m in S3, which is freshman year of high school in America I’m pretty sure. In Scotland, at this time, we have to choose like 9 subjects, for S3. Them for S4, we have to reduce it to 7, and it keeps reducing until S6, which you have to pick like 2 main subjects out of the 6 from S5. S6 is the last year of high school btw until college or University. My parents…they keep pushing me to people a doctor, or a neurosurgeon, or a scientist. I can’t stress, how much I would hate to be a Doctor. I don’t find it interesting at all, and to top it all off, I’m not good with blood, needles and cutting into people. Yes, I know they save millions of lives…but that job isn’t for me. I know I won’t enjoy it, or do well.

My parents made me pick all three sciences for my subjects, which is waste, and I couldn’t take one of the subjects that I actually needed. By all three I mean, Biology Chemistry and Physics.

You see, what I want to be? I’m still thinking what I exactly want to be. From a young age…I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in acting and dance. Because I have a passion in them. I love acting, and I absolutely love dancing.
But my parents say, if I pursue a career in them, I’ll be broke and homeless when I’m older. Which is what put me off from doing a career in that. Right now, I’m pretty sure I want to become a detective/criminal investigator. Basically, a career in forensics. Because I find them imteresting. I told my parents about this two days ago. They were okay with it, but the still said I should probably become a doctor. I got really mad. This is why I hate talking about my future with my parents. They just don’t fucking UNDERSTAND.

Now to the pressure part. Pressure to be smart. That’s a big one. They make me to this extra maths thing called Kumon, out of school. I’ve been doing it since I was 6. No, I’m not Dyslexic or Austistic or anything. They just want be to be ahead of my school year in maths. I’m in S3 right now, and I’m doing S5/S6 Maths. I’m two years ahead of my actual school level. I won’t lie, that’s a lot of pressure. But the thing is. I’m only advanced in algebra. All the other maths topics, like angles, money, whatever, I’m crap at them. I always have pressure to get good marks on tests. I’ve always gotten between 60%-100% in all my tests. In my latest maths test, which was a hard one, I got 79%. My mother was…disappointed. Absolutely disappointed. Which only made me even more upset. My friends told me I had gotten such an amazing mark. But I wasnt happy…because I knew it wouldn’t impress my parents

I could write a whole book on this, but I’m trying not to write too much now lol. There’s so much more detail I could go into, but imma round it off. I’m impressed if you’ve read till here :sweat_smile:


This isn’t stressing me too much, but when fall comes I’ll have no hair.

  1. After school starts again I’m gon a have to go to an internship for 6-7 weeks and 2 of those weeks are super stressfull. I have to show everything I learned and then they’re gonna judge if I pass or not. And if I don’t pass, my graduation is gonna be later than everyone else’s in my class.

  2. While I’m in that internship I have to use 2 days a weeek to go to school.

  3. Also at fall I’m gonna have to write some of my subject that are required to be written to graduate. One is English and one is Healt ed. And by writing those subjects I mean I have to take this huge exam that is 6 hours long, minimum time that is needes to be there is 3h.

  4. Right after my internship is ended, the next day I have to know which way I’m gonna specialise. I’m gonna bea practical nurse so I need to know if I wanna work with kids, disabled, elderly, metally sick people etc. And atm I have no clue what I wanna do

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Thank you for this. I know for certain that one of my good friends will be understanding and empathetic, she says I can speak to her about these things but I’m too hesitant or don’t know how to explain my situation to her.

Thank you for the advice, I feel better. It’s really nice to empathise with others. I can understand the struggle with how you feel about making and dealing with certain friends. I’ve had a very toxic friend before who I could never say no to, I’m weak that way and she used me and the situation I was in, living alone with my unstable mother.

I’ve come to terms that the only thing you can’t escape is your mind, and it can even be our worst enemy :relieved:


The things that are really stressing me out at the moment are my writing and my epilepsy.

Writing - I’m currently re-writing a story for the episode app, plus I’ve just send off a short story manuscript to an author, and I’m currently staring prep on the second short story.

On episode, I feel as though nobody apart from my best friend @EpisodeHoneyy supports me, so I feel as though I write for myself and nobody enjoys it, so it puts me down a lot, I lose confidence and get really worked upped

My manuscript, I have completed the first short story and sent it off, working on the second one at the moment, but I have about 3 more short stories after that and 3 novels including another 2x5 short story series as each novel has a short story series explain more about each character background.

Epilepsy - I’m in transition of medications at the moment so I am having seizures quite often, I have had 3 already this month, one just there on Monday, where I banged my eye, head and broke my glasses.

I have been in bed since Monday, being visited by my grandad and my dog by my side every hour making sure I’m ok.

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Aww… I’m so sorry… knowing that someone you love and care about could possibly leave you is truly frightening.

But it’s okay! Try to think positively! It’s not confirmed that the surgery will go wrong. It’s actually more likely to go right!

Thank you for letting this out. You’re not bothering anyone, trust me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The kind of parents that push their children to get smarter and grow up with a job like them are the ones that I clearly cannot emphasise with. I don’t understand: why don’t they let their children grow up within their own pace and let them have a job that they enjoy?

It could be because they just want you to have a well-paid job and to be very smart when you grow up, but that wouldn’t make you happy.

I think happiness matters the most when it comes to people’s futures. Having a job that you actually enjoy would make you a happier person in life. And when you’re happy, you can’t get mad easily. You won’t get stressed easily, either. I wish that your parents knew this.

I hope that things will go better for you regarding your problem. I believe that the mark you got on your test was fantastic! Math is my worst subject and I’d only ever get your score if I were to cheat!


Thank you :blush:

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Thank you so much! I needed this right now. You don’t know how much this means a lot to me.

I will keep your advice in mind. You have been very helpful. :blush:

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This seems like something that I’d get stressed out about, too. Knowing that I’d have a chance of not passing would drive me nuts.

I wish you good luck on the internship and subject exams. :slightly_smiling_face: When it comes to when you’ll need to pick in what you’ll want to specialise, go for the one that you know best and are confident in doing. Follow your heart.

You must be very devoted when it comes to writing! I reckon that you just take your time, episode and writing won’t be going away any time soon. You can write whenever you want. I don’t think that you should write too many stories at a time, as it may be too much for you and will cause you to get stressed.

Oh my, are you okay? I’ve never met anyone with epilepsy, but it sure sounds worrisome. I wish the best for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re welcome! I like to emphasise with other people, as it helps me understand them better.

It’s because of those toxic, manipulative friends that I have a fear of making friends. I know most of their traits now but I can’t help but jump to conclusions when thinking of making new friends. I hope that you get the opportunity to give that toxic friend of yours a good ol’ kick up the face!

You’re exactly right! My mind can be my own bully sometimes.

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You’re welcome! Never lose hope!

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You’re welcome!

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I’ve been writing since I was a child, this is my dream, to become an author and Sunday I finally took the first step into the future by sending my manuscript off to a professional author, I’m just waiting to hear back from him.

My writing s the most import thing in my life apart from my dog, and I work on it from 9am-4pm ever single day just to get it right. The last few days I have had off because of my seizure but I really feel like I’m behind sechecdual because I wanted to get the next book finished before August.

I am ok, I’m in bed with my brother and dog looking after me, I’m just trying not to do too much

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Writing is a great and amazing hobby to have. I love to write too, but sometimes I get out of it for a while and feel blank.

I didn’t realise that writing was so important to you! I’m sorry if you felt offended by my advice to not write too many books at a time. I just didn’t want you to get clambered up, you know?

I’m glad to see that you’re okay. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s ok

Nobody really understands how much writing means to me because nobody on this community wants to get to know me

Because of my epilepsy and other disabilities I’m unable to work so writing is my work

I’m able to write from my home and hopefully make a living too

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