Let people write what they want

hey there. so I’ve noticed a lot of people complaining about the genre of stories (example: I’ve seen multiple people say that “action” topic is boring, repeating and that “people” don’t want to read this anymore.)
then I’ve seen people talk how these topics shouldn’t be included or are just boring to read (example: toxic relationships, mafia, LI is always saves the MC, mental and psyhical abuse, MC being shy, MC always falling for a billionare). if we stop by the “abusive relationship” topic (which I’ve heard many people complain about). it’s not always included “just because it’s well known”, most authours include it because they want to make people aware that this happens every day. Some writers are just spreading the word out! I was in a similar relationship awhile ago and when I see that people don’t take this topic seriously, it BLOWS my mind.
I wanted to add: personally, I wanted to add just 1 scene of the MC talking about what she went through. and I’m not here to write it because “it sells” but simply, because I wanted to put myself into the character and I went through something very similar, so I’m in no-way trying to do it any other way. And also, I would only mention it in 4 lines not the whole story and in no way would I make the violence “cute”
first of all, don’t speak for “everyone”, literally every single person has their own opinion about what they like and what they don’t like. second, legit nobody is forcing you to read a story that includes this topic. I’m sure there’s plenty of stories aside these ones that you would love :blush: .
lastly, please let people write about what they love, what inspires them and what they think it’s important for people to know. :relaxed:
yes, go ahead and give your opinion, but some people are legit throwing shade on some stories, just because there’s a scene including a topic they dislike.
then I saw multiple saying “this genre sucks”, like imagine: you give 100% effort and thought into your story, then you come across unimportant opinions like this. well it would make me sad (I’m not going to speak for other authors).

I apologize if this was lenghty, but I feel like it needed to be said.
Also, I was in no way trying to be rude :heart:
I appreciate it a lot, if you read all the way to the end, and if you disagree with me, that’s okay, just attack me, I’m sensitive :pleading_face:

EDIT: I think I was a bit unclear about what feeling I wanted to express (which lead on to wrong opinions). I do not support the story when the entire focus is on an illegal/wrong topic and when people try to make it cute. BUT when authors mention it as an awareness, I support it! it could happen anytime to anyone!

EDIT 2: when I said “you don’t have to read it”, I realized that in many stories, the topic pops up out of legit nowhere and it shows illegal scenes - I do not support that. IF the story is about to have a scene that might be triggering for some (even though it shouldn’t even be included), there should be a warning or an option to skip it, because most people are not okay with it!

ps: please read what I answered to other people incase you want to attack me :joy:


I agree!! I don’t think anything is boring/repetitive, its the author’s take on a story that makes it unique! Also toxic relationships are a massive problem in the real world so when people say “I’m sick of these stories” or “why did you make the main character so stupid” its super annoying and insensitive!


I’m glad we share the same opinion!


I disagree and that’s all I’m going to say. I spoke my opinion on multiple threads containing problematic themes.

Also, the thread (s) you are referring to. We aren’t complaining, in a sense. We’re speaking out on problematic behavior that needs to stop.


I know some may not agree but this is my opinion.

There are are ton of “Mafia” stories on the Episode App. TBH, Mafia could be an entire Episode genre. These stories garner a lot of traction and attention. And in this age, people don’t like when things do well and look for flaws about them, and then “cancelling” them. The thing is, you can’t cancel a whole genre. Though Mafia stories use similar tropes; the shy girl and the hot, rich, bad boy, you cannot group all of the Mafia stories together because they aren’t all the same. And that’s the truth, Some of the flaws that people do point out are valid, though. I do not agree with the romanticization of abuse in stories, it ain’t cute, don’t put it in. And so when people call out this SILLY behaviour, I’m all for it, but when people are just trashing an entire genre them I’m like: “I dunno if I’d go that far!”. Because, even though it’s not my cup of tea, there are some genuinely good stories in this ‘niche’ (if you can call it that.)

To end this off, I’d like to say, read what you like. If you like this kind of stuff, if this is your jam, be my guest. Because everyone is entitled to be able to enjoy what they like. :blob_hearts:


It’s okay to disagree.
I agree, that something needs to stop. Some authors use abuse/assult in almost every chapter and that’s not okay. But when authors just mention it, as what the MC went through in the past, and try to spread awareness, I think it’s okay!


There are more threads telling people to “stop complaining” and to let people write whatever they want than there are threads “complaining” about serious issues with episode stories.

I don’t know how many times I have to explain this: yes, people can write whatever they want. However, it does not shield them from criticism, especially legitimate criticism. Everyone who puts a work out into the world is opening themselves up for all kinds of feedback, whether they’re a famous book author or an episode author.

No one here has the power to “ban” people from writing about certain topics. Again, it’s not a matter of what people can or can’t do, but about what they should or shouldn’t do if they want to reduce the harmful impact their stories can have on vulnerable readers. But for some reason, there’s a lot of “if you disagree, you’re just arguing and attacking people” which is unfair given that we’re all just participating in a discussion.

As for the fact that we “don’t have to read” stories with these topics. Yes, of course. And there are some stories I stay away from because based on the descriptions I know it will make me uncomfortable. But there are also a lot of stories where these tropes and dynamics come out of nowhere so it’s not as simple as just “not reading” these stories. Additionally, if people don’t want feedback (in any form) on their stories, they don’t have to publish them. It’s not a one-way street.


Thank you for telling me your opinion.

Okay, this topic is getting sort of repetitive, but honestly if people want to write it, let them :laughing:


Well I do have to agree with you :relaxed: Thank you for speaking up!


I agree so much the same people are always complaining about certain stories and it gets annoying, we get it you don’t like it no need to keep repeating it, just let people write whatever they want it’s not your ( the readers ) choice, we’ll it’s your choice on what you pick to read but if you don’t like a certain genre or plot then don’t read it! :slightly_smiling_face:


Spreading Awareness is always a good thing!


For real! If you don’t like it then don’t read it.

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I completely understand what you mean. And you are right, people should right what they love on this app because this app is about story telling


Episode is the reason I was in a toxic relationship. I used to idiocies these relationships. I ended up losing all of my friends, and I ruined my family relationship. These are not “boring” topics discussed. These are topics that need to be discussed because there are a lot of young children who are easily influenced on this app. When you put something out there for thousands- millions of other people to read with young children, you need to be cautious.
Stuff like this isn’t what we just complain about, you don’t know unless you’ve actually experienced it for yourself. You’re right, we shouldn’t speak for everyone, but if it glamorizes something dangerous whether it’s mentally, emotionally, or physically? Yes we do


it’s a HUGE difference when authors spread awareness or when they put a triggering topic in the 1st place and then make the scene seem cute (which I do not support)


Agreed! There is a huge difference!

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as I said, I do not support when writers actually show the topic (or focus the whole story on it), but when writers mention it as a thing that could happen to everyone, I’m fine with it.
but thanks for speaking up and sharing your opinion! :relaxed:


I decided to add 2 more things, because after reading your opinions, I got a feeling that I did not express my opinion clearly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
also thank you to everyone that commented and was nice about it. make sure to spread love and not hate!

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I don’t think the problem is the topics themselves. The problem is people who see them as something “healthy” or “romantic” and the readers just accept it. It send a false message to young people and readers in general. People write about sensitive stuff without doing any research and knowing how it really looks like.
For example one of the main focuses on something I’m working on is domestic violence and PTSD. I went to google and I researched it and saw so many interviews with survivors to understand it better. These are not things you can just play around with.


The issue with stories that glorify toxic relationships is not that they are boring. It’s that they’re harmful and writing them on an app for kids is wrong. Since I’ve already expressed my opinion in multiple threads, I will just say one more thing: this is not why they include it:

They include it because that’s what sells, and we all know it.


as I said, I do not support stories where violence is supposed to be “cute”