Let’s be honest about the hypocrisy on Episode

Agreed, they feature and flavor big authors. I mean they have literally featured an big author over 9 times!
You probably know their name


I mean I am guilty of using swear words a lot and will put a warning cause I found out it p*sses some people off. It’s very normal here in Scotland to swear a lot, that doesn’t justify it but it was why I saw no problem with it. But the mafia stories and other ones that shouldn’t be on episode for obvious reasons especially when they crowd the romance genre really annoy me so much since a lot of people can write cute healthy romance but the majority of readers don’t want to read that. It is really sad that they nobody wants to read them since the LI and MC are not having you know what from episode 4 or they have nothing to do with mafia. Someone said they were happy to see that the LI and MC are supportive. Like I love compliments but it shows how much of an impact that mafia stories are having, no?


I mean she does work for them. :woman_shrugging:


Ok, Cussing is a different subject, I don’t mind cussing unless it is really strong and offensive especially the nasty language towards women. With cussing its just another language, I’m not saying that it is good but It is not bad in a way if that makes sense, and its a good idea not to have to much. In my opinion


Work for them!?
So is this author a episode staff member now?


All stories I have read have censored cussing, so thankfully it isn’t too big of an issue as far as I’ve seen. Once it becomes really offensive when directed at somebody, there’s a problem of course.


Yes, agreed :+1:


Yeah, I am going to try and tone it down. But I would never include ones that are offensive to others especially women since I find it disgusting. :face_vomiting:


Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have only used it as banter and not something to berate someone.


If you are talking about Sandra which is the only logical answer then yes she has worked for them for awhile that is why she has her stories featured so much. She is paid to make those stories for them while it is under her name instead of “episode original”. It is also why you might see hidden assets in her “own” stories.


Yeah not everything needs to be about s*x.


Thanks for bringing this up because it’s getting extremely tiresome, and Episode really needs to do some work on this. It’s perfectly normal to impose guidelines because Episode is still an application that is primarily oriented towards 13+, but as you said their hypocrisy is becoming more and more obvious. How can you impose rules about mature themes when you don’t respect them in your original stories? I remember one of their stories that I think came out in 2019 (Whoops I’m pregnant, if I remember correctly), and you could clearly see the two characters touching each other very, very explicitly, followed by the sexual act scene (which was pretty 18+ imo). And yet this is something that is condemned in community stories. The irony of it.
And how do you expect people to respect the guidelines, if the creators themselves do not? It almost doesn’t surprise me anymore when authors use toxicity and depiction of unhealthy domination by some of their characters, when the same thing happens in the original stories. I mean, how does Episode ask us to spend 29 gems to get the MC to leave his toxic ex? Like if you don’t have the gems you’re stuck with this scumbag, and they think it’s totally normal. They themselves are responsible for this mess on the application. The trending section is infested with these stories that romanticize male domination, toxic relationships and yet Episode does nothing to stop it. How is it normal to let authors (with a large audience in the majority of the time of course), use rape, sexual abuse as plot twist? Where are they to prevent young girls from being influenced by what they read? Because yes, everything we read and see influences us not necessarily at the same level, but that’s reality.
Imagine these young girls who are not necessarily educated on these subjects, but are nevertheless confronted with these themes? What is Episode doing to prevent the toxicity present in community stories?
I blame both Episode and the authors who write this stuff. I don’t mind mature themes, but there needs to be nuance in the story. Look at these mafia authors who decide to put no TW/ when the LI verbally and almost physically abuses the MC in some cases, when she decides to get close to a man who is not the LI as if it’s normal. And in most cases the justification is “he acts like that because he loves her”, since when is that love? Since when is it normal to call a woman a “s*lt” because she wants to get closer to a man when she is not in any relationship with the LI? Since when is it normal to threaten to kill a woman for that reason? It’s even worse when you see that some of these authors are old enough to understand this, but still justify the LI’s actions because “he’s my baby he will grow” (yeah lol). The sickness of it Jesus.

The dangerousness of these themes is growing, but nothing is being done to prevent it and that makes me SICK.

Episode needs to do a better job on this, and if they have decided to impose guidelines in this case they should be applicable to EVERYONE. And not give a pass to others because they have a large audience.


You brought up a lot of good points! Episode originals haven’t improved since “Whoops, I’m Pregnant.”

Overall, Episode just isn’t the best app for such sensitive topics to begin with. Anybody can write on Episode, so false information spreads.


Exactly, and that’s why I was counting on the mature app but it’s being removed so ://


The hypocrisy doesn’t just come from Episode either tbh. And yea, this isn’t the first time this has been discussed. A lot of us have been talking abt problematic and toxic themes in episode stories that shouldn’t be on a 12+ app, but the thing is a ton of writers simply don’t care. 🤷 Majority of them want to write whatever they want without consequences, and unfortunately, a lot of them do without consequences. The mindset for these people is, “people should be free to write what they want, why does it matter if it’s purely fictional anyway” and don’t register the fact that fiction can still have harmful effects on people. For example, like you said with the re-enforcement of r*pe culture you see a lot in popular stories.

It’s extremely annoying.


Yeah, if stories didn’t matter, there would be no issue concerning representation, diversity, prejudice, etc. No one would care if the story was blatantly racist for example, because it’s “just made up!”


Ikr!! Like bruv what’s not clicking in that head of your!


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Sex does NOT make a story more exciting. An interesting plot, suspense, well-written characters, and many other factors are what make a story worth reading.


I read a story and the title was something about love.
All the story was about was literally an abusive mum who beat her child, and a dad who commited su!cide because of it. And not to mention the overlay of ACTUAL w33d that was in one of the scenes. I feel like some stories aren’t even reviewed by episode sometimes, and then it makes seeing ILLEGAL stuff in an animated story normal-

Episode allowed the story I described to you, yet when I spend almost a year making a les couple story, they don’t allow it because it doesn’t follow guidelines. My story didn’t have anything bad in it!!