Let’s be honest about the hypocrisy on Episode

Yes to all this. A friend of mine code stories for the app, and she tries to stick with ace stories, so nothing focuses on relationship, sx or any of that stuff (there’s already enough stories like that)
Stop normalizing s
x for kids! Stop normalizing toxic relationships!


Yes! Also Asexuals need mor representation. Same with Aromantics.


Ikr! I hope so too that asexuals and aromantics get more representation on the app, many people aren’t aware of it even. But ofcourse in most of the trending romance stories the love interest is always like “aWe shE’s sOo hAWt i HavENt seEN aNyonE liKE heR bEfoRE i WaNnA mARry hEr wiTh a dOzEn oF cHildRen iN tHe eNd” even though he’s meeting the mc for the first time :sob: and don’t get me started with the detailed sexual description ffs. I really REALLY doubt this is an app for 12 year old kids!


Episode has a weird thing going on where it’s 12+ and 18+ at the same time. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: They’re trying so hard to appeal to everyone. There are adults AND kids here, but adult material and kid material can’t be mixed on a 12+ app. Episode needs to make up its mind and enforce some rules.


True! They even make so called guidelines regarding this but seem to break it themselves. It looks like only a selective amount of people are supposed to follow it and I’ve also heard rather small authors saying their story wasn’t approved as it goes against episode’s guidelines though it would be nothing major while I’ve seen far worse explicit stuff on popular romance stories even in the featured ones! I guess this is one of the biggest hypocrisy of episode.


So true.

I hate when there is too much of a focus on the love interest. Makes me uncomfortable when the options are 1. Kiss them or 2. wait till they kiss you.
How about no…


Right like lmfao


I was going to respond to a few people here about some points I agreed with but there’s just too many that I just decided to toss in my own two cents. :sob:

Anyways, first off I’d like to say I am so glad I found a group that feels the same way I do about everything wrong with this app! It is very refreshing! So I must say thank you to you all :clap:t5: :clap:t5: :clap:t5: :clap:t5: !!!

Now down to the nitty gritty of my input:

I want to start off by saying. I’m 29, I’m as mature as I can be in this world. But that does NOT mean I want to read stories that include every inappropriate thing under the sun. Which I find disheartening because I prefer to read the community stories, as they are better written (for the most part) than the Episode original stories. I come across so many stories with such interesting and intriguing descriptions that it always hurts that I have to leave when I begin the story if it starts off with the “warning” splash. It makes shuffling through stories all the more tedious and irritating.

As so many others have mentioned a lot of these authors feel their characters have to constantly have to have intercourse to show how much they love each other. And if it’s not shown, it’s heavily described. And that is just terribly uncomfortable to read. It’s like a lot of these people forget who uses this app, either they forget or just don’t care.

And what really gets me mad is that there are people on the forums here that think that Episode should have more “mature” content just because they are “mature” now. Maturity does not mean intercourse, violence, substance abuse and so on is always involved. And if people think that’s what it means to be mature then that makes me question their thought process.


Right. It’s the same with me. I’m 29, so I’m considered to be part of the “mature” audience, but a lot of these stories make me feel uncomfortable when reading them. It’s a lot of cringe worthy stuff there on the app. And the story covers just make it even worse.


For sure! For the amount of s*x in Episode stories, they’re mostly not very mature stories. Everything feels surface level. There’s no depth to the plot or characters. It’s just so child-like. The adult stuff is just thrown in there, because there’s nothing else to be thrown in.

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I think most of the authors on the app are teens and/or young (and I mean young ) adults. They probably assume that’s what people in love do on a regular basis. I can’t speak for others adults but my life is pretty mundane to say the least.

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They think going to clubs, excessive drinking, sleeping around or explicit relations means maturity.

While some of those things are perks to being an adult, what really makes someone mature is growing past that sort of way of life mentally. Taking responsibility and using discernment when making serious (and possibly life altering) decisions. Or as the dictionary describes it…


adjective: *mature

having reached an advanced stage of mental or emotional development characteristic of an adult.

comparative adjective: maturer ; superlative adjective: maturest

“a young man mature beyond his years”





Being mature isn’t just a physical thing, it’s a mental thing as well.


I completely agree!
I’m also an adult who doesn’t care for these supposedly “mature” stories that are just gratuitous, descriptive sex. That doesn’t appeal to me at all. I don’t write or nor do I like reading about it.

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Yeah I don’t write stuff like that either. I’m beyond that mentally, and I wish there were more stories that reflected that.

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