Let’s be honest



Who else hates the dentist???!!! I went today for surgery and I was freaking out!!!


Lmao same though! I am a total wimp so as soon as they start putting their hands on my face I just start screaming :joy:


And then they make u read a agreement saying a bunch of stuff that almost gave me a heart attack!!! I wanted to run out of there


Lol same!


Ahhhhhh oh my goshhhhhhhh yes I hate it


I hate them a couple days ago when I went, I ran out of the office down the street. The other time I threatned them​:expressionless: and kept yelling at them… :joy:


And now all I can eat is smoothie and soft stuff!!! Like wtf!!! I want PIZZA!!!


Hahahhahaha!!! I thought about it!!! But I just took a deep breath and stayed :joy:


Ah man that sucks. It’s like when I got my braces on I only ate soup for a week because it hurt so bad


Omg me tooo!!! It was horrible! I got my 4 wisdom teeth removed so it takes time to heal




Yea so this is gonna suck!


When i got my braces i didn’t eat for 3 days i was trying to prove a point to my mom :expressionless::joy:


Hahahaha!!! :joy:


Should buy me dinner before putting things in my mouth. :unamused: smh


mood? mood.


I know right!!!:joy:


This is very accurate!!! Then again I do this almost everyday , toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, and I use the charcoal whitener too


Same here, but when i have a dentist appointment I start using a lot of things and use more toothpaste than before


Imagine actually flossing.
I don’t, and only get yelled at twice a year, lol