Let’s discuss, what order do you put your story in?// Discutamos, ¿en qué orden pones tu historia?

Y’all if this flops, you saw nothing

This will be in English and Spanish :blush:

Hey episode creators,

So I just wanted to discuss with you, something general and simple, what order do you write your story/scene in? Nothing too serious, I’m just curious on how everyone chooses to write, and maybe you can help someone out as well. Show them an easier routine or maybe you can even get some ideas from this.

When I code a scene I do it in this order.

When I code a scene I start with the basics

I spot direct all my characters that I need in the scene.

Then I do dialogue, and I don’t add any animations yet, I simply just do dialogue

Then I add the animations.

If I need to add more characters in the scene then I do that

And add more dialogue then animations

Then I add overlays

I code the overlays and add them where they should be

Then I code the speech bubbles

Then I do outfits , hair and make up and add them where they should go.

Then I preview it on my phone, and go line by line on my computer codes to fix any mistakes.

One scene takes me about 45 minutes .


Esto estará en inglés y español :blush: Hola, creadores de episodios:

Así que solo quería hablar contigo, algo general y simple, ¿en qué orden escribes tu historia / escena? Nada demasiado serio, solo tengo curiosidad por saber cómo todos eligen escribir, y tal vez tú también puedas ayudar a alguien. Muéstreles una rutina más simple o tal vez incluso pueda obtener algunas ideas de esto.
Cuando codifico una escena, lo hago en este orden.

Cuando codifico una escena, empiezo con lo básico

Identifico todos mis personajes que necesito en la escena.

Luego hago diálogos y todavía no agrego animaciones, solo hago diálogos

Luego agrego las animaciones.

Si necesito agregar más personajes en la escena, lo hago

Y agrega más diálogos que animaciones

Luego agrego superposiciones Codifico las superposiciones y las agrego donde deberían estar

Luego codifico las burbujas de discurso

Luego hago los outfits, el peinado y el maquillaje y los agrego donde deben ir.

Luego, obtengo una vista previa en mi teléfono y reviso los códigos en mi computadora línea por línea para corregir cualquier error.

Una escena me lleva unos 45 minutos.


1.Ok so obviously I start with the bg lmao

  1. I reset the zoom (if needed) and I cut to the zone I need (if it’s not zone 1)

  2. I insert the overlays and the characters with their animations

  3. I spot direct everything

  4. Imagine what animation would fit with the dialogue and how it affects it

  5. Insert the dialogues with the animations

  6. Fix the speechbubbles

I usually don’t fix small mistakes until I finish the episode and go over it on my phone! I make the outfits before I even start the episode (it’s one of my fav things :joy:) And one scene could take me from 10 minutes to 3 hours!!!


Really? I hate making fits

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Haha I’ve been exploring my style lately irl as well so I’m having fun putting it in episode since I can’t shop with the corona virus

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I’m all over the place with coding and organizing my thoughts :grinning:

  1. Backgrounds and music
  2. Get together the characters I need in the scene
  3. dialogue
  4. Copy and paste the dialogue to grammerly so it can help me fix my grammar and punctuation.
  5. Make up new characters in my head mid scene
  6. Go create those characters and background story
  7. Add the animations to the so called story
  8. Fix speech bubbles and lastly
  9. reread the whole thing to see what you missed

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I think your routine is nice!

I always forget sound lmfao. And then I get lazy to add it bc I don’t know how to turn off the music

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Honestly sameeeee the music has me a little confused never know what song is right for the mood.

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I have a lot of time on my phone and little on my laptop, so in my case it looks like this:

  • I write dialogue for a few scenes (sometimes for an entire episode).
  • I paste the whole thing, split with the backgrounds (I put the texts as a narrator, so I can play them).
  • For each episode, I dry-erase all the characters and overlays.
  • Then directing and zooming.
  • Then I split the text with animations for the characters.
  • I fix speechbubbles, possible zooming.
  • Finally, the music.

If I have prepared backgrounds, overlays and clothes, the whole 10-15min episode is about 30min of text writing and about 3-6h of coding.

At the end I playback on phone and all SS errors.

I’ll contact the bank :triumph::rofl:

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Frrl, and there are so many sounds

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You write it on a different sheet before you do it on the portal?

Please do :joy::joy:

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I honestly do pretty much everything as I go. I always have at least 3 tabs open of the portal (1 for the script, 1 for the backgrounds and overlays, one for characters and outfits). I also have Daz running so I can render whatever assets I need for a scene and then upload it from there to my portal. Sometimes I have another tab for research purposes or looking for royalty free backgrounds.
I also have my phone beside my laptop when I code because I only use my phone to test and preview, I literally never use the web previewer.

I’ll upload backgrounds and overlays for a scene I’m working on, I’ll create the characters for that scene and make their outfits, then I’ll code them all into the scene, sometimes I might be making more overlays for the scene whilst I’m doing that and then afterwards and other occasions I’ll have my iPad on the other side of my laptop for making edits or overlays. :full_moon_with_face:

Conclusion: I’m messy and don’t have a set order that I do things, but I have a tendency to do them all around the same time.

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I used to write and direct (code) at the same time, but I found that preparing the script beforehand is much less time-consuming since you already know the backgrounds and overlays you’ll need.

So after the script, I start off with the scene I’m most excited to direct, add HSL filters at the same time if it helps with the mood (for example, if the weather is cloudy and I don’t feel the vibe when directing without the filter) and if I’m lazy, I’ll add the filters by the time I finished directing the scene. Depending on the complexity, one scene would take 1-3 days. Sounds and music are the last things I’ll add right before publishing.

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Omg same, I always have Atleast 5 tabs open,

  1. Outfits/character making
  2. Animations, backgrounds, overlays (art catalog)
  3. Coding portal
  4. Searching
  5. Just in case I need to do more background on what I searched up on 4, but don’t want to exit where I’m at

And sometimes I have forums open on my
Computer just in case.

And about you not having a specific order in doing things, I think that’s understandable, I change my routine a lot bc sometimes I get lazy and want to do the “harder” stuff later and do what I’m better at first


I think your routine is actually good.
I think a lot of our routines change and is different depending on what kind of story you are writing. Cause a lot of people use weather and filters, and some people don’t.

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Yo lo hago casi igual, pero agrego las animaciones al mismo tiempo que escribo los diálogos. Odio codificar las burbujas de discurso… por eso lo hago al final del episodio. En promedio, me lleva unos 30 minutos para una escena que dura alrededor de 1-2 minutos.

I do it almost the same, but I add the animations as and when I’m writing the dialogues. I HATE directing the speech bubbles, so I do it at the end of the episode. On average, it takes me about 30 minutes for a scene that lasts about 1-2 minutes.

I’m assuming you can speak English, but if you want me to translate this I’m totally up to.

A trick for doing speech bubbles that not many people know, or probably no one has ever told them, is that when you are coding them, you don’t have to change speech bubbles, you can use the same speech bubble for all the characters just put the code in the right place

For example, if you are coding for char 1 and you need to code for char 2 , you can use the same speech bubble as you did for char one just put the code at the right spot

Yesss the struggle is real!!! But I think it’s better than rushing a scene bc then it comes out horrible respectfully, and you don’t want to have to revamp a story either.